October 12, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well the mad scientists are at it again, busily at work in their alchemical laboratories concocting ever more bizarre experiments and creations. Check this out:

Scientists create cyborg rat with artificial cerebellum

Yup. You read that correctly: they've now installed a computer chip into a rat with a damaged brain that is capable of receiving information directly from the rat's nerves, and then sending its own signals directly into its brain. In short, we've now got public record of the proof-0f-concept experiment that so many transhumanists are talking about: the potential to enhance consciousness via direct interfaces of computer technology with the brain.

Note also what the experiment also portends:"The artificial cerebellum allowed the scientists to condition a brain-damaged rat to blink whenever it heard a tone". In other words, Dr. Jose Delgado's psychic conditioning of the mind through direct electrical stimulation is coming home to roost, and with a vengeance. What is a simple Pavlovian response now could, with enough experimentation, with technological advances and surgical advances, become a powerful new tool of direct mind manipulation, and with it, social engineering.

There is another danger lurking around the corner with this experiment, and it is implied in the potential implications: what is now being done on the lowly rat will tomorrow be done on higher animals -cats,dogs, monkeys - and finally, and inevitably, man. But of course, most readers here are - like myself - probably of the opinion that what we know publicly very likely doesn't even come close to what is being done covertly and in black projects around the world. It gives one pause, great pause, to consider the implications of this technology, and the fact that so many people simply disappear - men, women, children, old and young - all over the world, and are never heard from again. I have nothing more than the dark suspicion that some of these poor victims may be the fodder for some very dark experimentation.