Conspiracy Theater


Today is the 48th anniversary of the cold-blooded murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Friday, Nov 22, 1963, at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. It is worth pausing and noting that this year saw the release by Caroline Kennedy of her mother's tapes and diaries, in which the late Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis indicated her strong belief that Lyndon Johnson, and elements of the Texas "oil community" were involved in the assassination.

It came, for me, as a bit of sad and bittersweet confirmation of the opinions that I and other researchers such as Jim Marrs, Peter Dale Scott, Zirbel, had come to, namely, that these two elements were indeed involved in the assassination. It was, by anyone's lights, a big conspiracy, one that was, according to Oswald's murderer Jack Ruby, larger than anyone could possibly imagine, and one that, again according to Ruby, would usher in a "new form of government", a government essentially broadly Fascist in its ideological outlook, a kind of "sublime" fusion of corporate and governmental power.

There were, I think, other elements involved in the plot, as I outline in LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy, Mafia, intelligence, military, big oil, banking and finance, and, yes, even the sinister shadow of the swastika cast over the whole affair, and at the pinnacle, at least as an accessory after the fact if not as an outright planner, Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Most of us are now cynical of both political parties, and the unresponsiveness of our "leadership" to the public good and genuine national interest. We are, we know in our hearts, citizens of an out of control empire, projecting more and more political and military power, printing ever more monetized debt to the glee of the banksters, taking out American citizens without trial or due process by drones, and all of it, I suspect, is because the same coup-d'etat that brought this benign Fascism into the open in American culture has continued more or less apace since President Kennedy's untimely death. Kennedy, like Eisenhower, saw the dangers of the military-industrial complex, but unlike Eisenhower, made a desperate attempt to undo at least some of it...and paid the price with his life.The stupidity of the official "Warren Report" explanation of the crime, lest we forget, remains the de facto and de jure explanation of the murder by every American president since: the goofiness of the story serving as a reminder to the sock puppets in the White House that this "can happen to you", and every now and then, they're given reminders: the attempts on Gerald Ford's life, the "lone nut" attempt on Ronald Reagan, the gate-crashers at a state dinner between India's Prime Minister and President Obama.

But it isn't a time for sadness, but rather, for reflection: most now no longer believe the Warren report nonsense; what we now need to understand, as Professor Peter Dale Scott has so ably demonstrated in his books on the assassination, is that Ruby's statement on the vastness of the conspiracy is true, and that it is now a standard feature of the corruption in American politics.


  1. Guys this weekend the National Geographic Channel will air a show on the JFK assassination proving Oswall was the shooter using you quest it the Zapruder film to prove their case. I have always wonder why two questions have never been asked what was to be gain by the murder or who ordered and paid for the hit? I have never fired a firearm but know which to pieces of the weapon you have to dispose of the gun barrel and the firing pin. They are the two pieces that make contact with the bullets. By getting rid of these pieces if the weapon is found no one can prove it is the murder weapon. If you are going shoot from hiding the first thing you plan is your escape that is the most important part of the deed. And I think if Oswall did he would surely shoot from the place that he worked he wasn’t that stupid.

  2. Parting shot:

    Has anyone noticed how Dealey Plaza is shaped like a goat’s head?,r:0,s:0

    The goat’s nose is where the three streets, Elm, Main, and Commerce come together at the triple underpass.
    The goat’s eyes are the pergolas; Zapruder stood in front of one.
    The goat’s horns are the two obelisks flanking Main Street on the west side of Houston Street, though a statue of George Dealey has replaced the one on the southwest corner.

    [When I worked there, we often considered mounting a large_______on Dealey’s statue as he looks right up Main Street into the heart of Dallas. Too far off topic so never mind.]

  3. Charlie Primero I don’t doubt that the elites BELIEVE that they are omnipotent. In the meantime what is Actually being pushed is a program of Genocide for White children and ONLY White children. It’s Asia for Asian, Africa for Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY. Only Whites are demanded to assimilate with all those non-whites. Take a look at what actually IS happening, not a bunch of hypotheticals.

      1. Jay,
        Have a look at this as the possible answer to keeping the federal corporation in check and restoring liberty to the american people and the states. What do you and everyone think? Taken from article below.

        These United States of America are a Republic of Republics deriving its authority from the consent of the governed residing within their Sovereign State. Each Sovereign State is the agent of the people thereof. The federal government formed by the compact of the United States Constitution is the agent of the Sovereign States. Federal authority shall be supreme in all areas specifically delegated to it by the Constitution. All acts or legislation enacted pursuant to the Constitution shall be the supreme law of the land. The Sovereign State reserves an equal right to judge for itself as to the constitutionality of any act of the federal government.

        Section I. The Sovereign State specifically reserves the right to interpose its sovereign authority between acts of the federal government and the liberties, property, and interests of the citizens of the state, thereby nullifying federal acts judged by the state to be an unwarranted infringement upon the reserved rights of the state and the people thereof.

        1. State nullification of a federal act must be approved by a convention of the state.

        2. Upon passage of an act of nullification, all federal authority for the enumerated and nullified act(s) shall be suspended.

        3. Upon formal acceptance of nullification by three-fourths of the conventions of the states, including the original nullifying state, the enumerated federal act(s) shall be prohibited in the United States of America or its territories.

        4. Upon formal rejection of nullification by three-fourths of the conventions of the states, the enumerated federal act(s) shall be presumed to be constitutional, notwithstanding any judgment of any federal or state court.

        5. Until or unless there is a formal approval or rejection by the conventions of the states, the nullified federal act(s) shall remain non-operative as to the original and any additional nullifying states. A state that in its convention ratifies a particular act of nullification shall be construed to have nullified the same act as enumerated in the initiating state’s nullification.

        6. No federal elected official, agent, or any individual working within or associated with any branch of the federal government may harass or attempt to harass, intimidate, or threaten a Sovereign State or the people thereof for exercising their rights under this amendment. No federal elected official, agent, or any individual working within or associated with any branch of the federal government shall attempt to influence or use their office to attempt to influence the deliberations of the people regarding the nullification of a federal act(s) or the acceptance or rejection of a nullified federal act(s).

        7. Any United States military officer, noncommissioned officer or federal official or agent who carries out or attempts to carry out any order by a federal official, officer or agent to deny or hinder the people of a Sovereign State from exercising their rights under this amendment shall be subject to the offended state’s laws and may be tried accordingly. Jurisdiction in such cases is specifically denied to all federal courts, military courts, or any other court other than the courts of the offended state.

        Section II. The government and people of these United States approve the principle that any people have a right to abolish the existing government and form a new one that suits them better. This principle illustrates the American idea that government rests on the consent of the governed and that it is the right of a people to alter or abolish it at will whenever it becomes destructive of the ends for which it was established. Therefore, the right of a Sovereign State to secede peacefully from the union voluntarily created by the compact of the Constitution is hereby specifically reserved to each state.

        1. An act of secession shall be executed by a convention of the people of the state.

        2. The seceded state shall appoint representatives to negotiate settlement of all debts owed the federal government, the purchase of federal properties within the Sovereign State, and the removal of federal military installations and personnel.

        3. Upon acceptable arrangement for the payment of sums owed the federal government, the representatives may negotiate treaties of friendship, common defense, and commercial relations. Said treaties are subject to the same constitutional ratification as other treaties.

        4. Readmission of a seceded state shall follow the same constitutional requirements as for any new state.

        5. No federal elected official, agent, or any individual working within or associated with any branch of the federal government shall attempt to influence the people of the Sovereign State regarding their decision to secede from, remain with, or join this union.

        6. Any United States military officer, noncommissioned officer, or federal official or agent who carries out or attempts to carry out any order by a federal official, officer, or agent to deny or hinder the people of a Sovereign State from exercising their rights under this amendment shall be subject to the offended state’s laws and may be tried accordingly. Jurisdiction in such cases is specifically denied to all federal courts, military courts, or any other court other than the courts of the offended state.

        7. The inalienable right of the people of each Sovereign State to govern themselves is a right that existed before this formation of the federal government, and therefore nothing in this amendment shall be interpreted in such a manner as to deem the federal government to be the donor of the rights enumerated herein.

        1. Vinnie,

          That’s a modern proposal, which, if adopted, would very likely make matters much worse for many. For example: a state could say yes to over unity energy but limit who could use it to only those who’d agree to some preposterous proposals by the state.

          I’m sure you can define prepostous, but here goes: eg only those of the white race can have this, only men, or only women, or as soon as you say something we don’t like, we’ll take it away. Right now the Bill of Rights actually helps real liberties.

          The problem is one of narrative; it’s believing the physical reality we see as the entirety of physical reality.

          The powerization of the Twin Towers is big hole in that story.

          So question “official science”, and audit the Federal Reserve, make Congress actually approve wars. But undermining the thing that protects you will most likely destroy you and many others for no good end.

          1. The thing we shouldn’t forget is that it’s individual rights and liberties that is the end of any legitimate government. It’s the money power, the centralization of power in washington that is the main threat to those and the only alternatives are to decentralize that power back to the state and local levels through nullification and the threat of secession, ending the fed, or through a revolution. If we don’t break this concentration of power, we’re going to find ourselves in the greatest tyranny in history. We shouldn’t be devoted to states or empires in any case and to defend this centralization of power will doom us.
            Break up the power in DC by first phasing out the fed and restoring sound money to the economy and then put an end to the hydra headed monster in the city of london and the whole system based on commercial credit/debt/fiat money.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    They were presstitutes then as now.
    Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, ad nauseum.
    We have no free press; just the internet and sources like this site.
    The leopard spots are still visible. In fact, they are in plain site.

    1. There’s an old saying within the press corp
      that it (the media) “is only as free as its owners.”

      Of course its a concerted effort to hold back just
      about all truth now.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        The is free press for everybody that owns one.
        Still there is that word ‘privish’.
        The book ‘Into the Buzzsaw, Leading Journalist Expose the Myth of A Free Press’ by Kristina Borjesson lays bear the so-called press corp.

        1. Yes, well lots of quotes and stuff
          stuffed in there / here.

          Things wind up getting paraphrased.
          Thank you.

          Now if you will be so kind as to tell who said it, maybe (?)
          Not being facetious, I really want to know 🙂

          1. Robert Barricklow

            “Freedom of Press is limited to those who own one”
            – H.L. Menken

            You really should read Into The Buzzsaw.
            It gives those bite size quotes something to chew on. Not good for conservative digestion(those who still believe in the Tom Brokaws’ & next-generation Amy Goodwins'[Libya]).

    2. What did Rather report that day, he was in Dealy Plaza during the shooting afterall. And back in New York, Cronkite most definitely said the gun the cops found was a Mauser.

      Ironic that those are the two journalists picked as examples for sell outs.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        The intial stories are where you get those synpets of truths. As time goes on those are cleaned up.
        Where was the follow-up by those two sell-outs?

  5. I agree, it’s a time for reflection. I wasn’t born yet when it happened so for me it’s an event from the history books, even if it has also affected my life in a way. Every time I think about the JFK assassination though, and what has – apparently or in fact – happend since then, I find it utterly disturbing that whoever was involved could continue to pursue their agenda with impunity. And that should be reflected on above all.

    My grandmother, who lived through WWII in Nazi Germany and survived it with painful losses, used to say if life changes bit by bit over years, day by day, people won’t notice it and dismiss the warning signs – and the people who speak up. I don’t mean to sound trite but history will repeat itself as long as the people who could actually do something about it ignore its lessons.

    “And since the quarrel
    Will bear no color for the thing he is,
    Fashion it thus: that what he is, augmented,
    Would run to these and these extremities;
    And therefore think him as a serpent’s egg,
    Which, hatch’d, would as his kind grow mischievous,
    And kill him in the shell.”

    ~ Brutus
    From: Julius Caesar (Act 2) by Shakespeare

  6. Congratulations Joseph on an excellent book, I just finished it and am feeling a little low today thinking about what happened on that day.

    That may seem a little strange as an Australian, but my country became a partner with the monster who came out of the shadow that day.

    Maybe one day I will get to Vietnam and say sorry on behalf of my blood that fought in that place, believing a lie.

    Now that lie is aiming at the Great Stone Dragon and I fear for the youth that I now teach. The propaganda has already started its quite quite whispering in their ears.

    I am glad I went to China and saw the greatness of these people-and saw how they hate the evil that is the Government.

    I hope we don’t awaken the Dragon, if we do it will be a terrible end.

  7. Boy, everybody is chiming in on this one.

    I am reading your book at this time, Joseph,
    along with a ‘few’ others on diversified subjects.

    You mention Reagan’s near miss.
    What do you know of what was called, the Zero Factor,
    forgotten now because someone broke it by preventing
    Reagan’s death? (Oh, I’m quite serious.)
    Remember Reagan saying to Nancy, “I forgot to duck,”?
    Think! That doesn’t make sense unless there was reason
    to know about Hinckley ahead of time.

    [Too bad the ‘Zero Factor’ stayed broken…
    oh, that’s so mean of me.]

    Some one is always asking why are only the good ones killed?
    Obviously, it’s because its the bad people that do the killing.

    The person who was behind it and the brainwashing of
    Hinckley has had it in for the one who prevented the worst.
    No one got killed. Almost doesn’t count.
    Jim Marrs implies who in “Rule by Secrecy” and an
    NSA agent confirmed that for me.
    Young kid, rookie, proby, whatever;
    ‘gone’ now and beside the point.

    Speaking of which I have no point.

    Johnson stepped over a lot of dead bodies in his
    climb to the top.
    He never would have won his first election, otherwise.
    Read Cannon and you really get to believe this.
    It was true, anyway.

    Just thought I would throw in a few tid-bits.


  8. I could not improve a bit on your timely analysis, Dr Farrell. A personal note here…

    I was 16 years old when my hero, President Kennedy was gunned down. I was in my last period class at High School in Marion, Indiana when the office speaker in the room announced that the President had been shot. Our room had a TV so we watched the coverage till the bell rang. We all filed into the hallway and I was struck by the absolute silence that engulfed the normally loud crowd.

    The death had not yet been announced and we all were in a state of shock. I remember spending the entire week-end glued to the TV at home watching every report. I later realised that our last great hope of recapturing our lost republic by reform died that Friday.

    My hero was gone.

  9. Dr. Farrell states:

    “It was, by anyone’s lights, a big conspiracy, one that was, according to Oswald’s murderer Jack Ruby, larger than anyone could possibly imagine, and one that, again according to Ruby, would usher in a “new form of government”, a government essentially broadly Fascist in its ideological outlook, a kind of “sublime” fusion of corporate and governmental power.

    There were, I think, other elements involved in the plot, as I outline in LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy, Mafia, intelligence, military, big oil, banking and finance, and, yes, even the sinister shadow of the swastika cast over the whole affair, and at the pinnacle, at least as an accessory after the fact if not as an outright planner, Lyndon Baines Johnson.”

    Dr. Farrell,
    Once again, not a mention of the possible role of Zionism in the One World Order conspiracy. Why do you continue to fail in that regard, I wonder?

    The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy by Michael Collins Piper
    This work documents the strong likelihood that Israel used bullets to steal from the American people their right to have their own leader. JFK fought a bitter behind-the-scenes battle to thwart joint Israeli-Red Chinese nuclear bomb development. Only Zionists have held the power necessary to sustain a cover-up in America’s corrupt government and controlled national media.

  10. Corruption in American politics all say this. Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    1. SK, it’s not a RACE problem.

      The Elites who run the world don’t give a flip about race any more than they care about any person’s religion, nationality, social caste, or political party.

      See the big picture. Religion, nationality, race, social class, and political party are merely tools the Elites use to sway their farm animals in whatever direction they need.

      If killing six million Little Jews helps consolidate their power, they will do it. If awarding American black women special employment status benefits them, they will do it. If chopping off the left foot of every Eskimo on earth benefited them, they would do it.

      It’s depressing as hell, so only listen to a few episodes to get the gist of it, then stop; but you might benefit from some Alan Watt:

        1. I like to listen to Alan Watt. He makes a lot of sense and is very informative. Unfortunately, his soft-spoken voice puts me to sleep.

  11. Hi Dr. Farrell,

    this will be my last “two-cents worth” to this article (I promise!) but I have a question about your monumental “LBJ” book that remains unanswered-

    I would’ve Emailed you about this but don’t want to disturb/contribute to your Email volume-

    according to a certain R. Morningstar in his interview with K. Cassidy in May of last year (yes, I’ve blogged this before on your website), supposedly Off. Tippett was a dead-ringer lookalike for JFK and may have fitted into the Kennedy affair more than could’ve possibly been surmised-

    do you have any info on this?- if so, please inform!

  12. Dr. Farrell:

    Off topic here but I just finished reading “The Giza Death Star Deployed.” I will definitely have to re-read it. While I was able to follow the “hyper-dimensional” physics involved, the sheer volume of outside-the-box information that you posit is too much for me to integrate on my first read. So I do admire your intellect and your mental prowess, sir.

    I will get around to the rest of your books after I have had a few days to digest the information in “The Giza Death Star Deployed.” In the meantime, I am still in the process of downloading your interviews with George Ann Hughes on ‘The Byte Show.’ This in itself, as you are well aware, is a considerable amount of information.

    I wish you well and I thank you very much. Please keep’em coming.

  13. “a big conspiracy… larger than anyone could possibly imagine”-

    and I think it remains so, despite what anyone has yet uncovered-

    I think the two deepest rabbit holes in human history are:

    A): the sinister forces behind who or “what” molded Hitler and who he really became, his true paternal parentage/heritage, and for whom at the end of the day he was really serving and where he eventually bit the dust (obviously wasn’t Berlin)-

    B): the sinister forces behind the entire planing of the JFK affair-

    there just simply has to be another unknown force out there jockeying and jerking the world around

  14. Would it be too much to serve these organizations their own poison? Things like this make me second guess my stance on vigilante justice. I’ll be researching this myself in the coming weeks, but of all previous revolutions in history, what was the tipping point in them all? If these organization can coerce actions on a mass scale why can’t one of us? Seeing as these are grey area matters, a black and white solution seems to not be the answer. How can these events and people be stopped!? My only hope is that human nature grabs a hold of these “people” and has it’s way with them. I fear the only way past them is relying on them to falter and let them remove themselves.

    “Stupid people do stupid things, smart people outsmart each other, then themselves.”

  15. “After all, of all the witnesses, who was closer to it all than her?”-

    I think you stated more than you realize-

    if my read sources are credible, Jackie was already paying Onassis ‘visits’ long before JFK was iced and Onassis officially ditched opera-diva Maria Callas- JFK was aware of this and wasn’t pleased simply because he didn’t trust Onassis as a person-

    despite Jackie having supposedly pointed the finger at LBJ, I still haven’t 100% ruled her out in being completely innocent in the JFK affair

  16. I remember that day. At the time, I never dreamed that I would end up working in Dealey Plaza, for five years even.

    The names Hunt and Murchison were often bandied about in the conversations and lectures that took place there as well as the sinister intentions of LBJ.

    No small number of acquaintances that I knew in Dallas also knew Jack Ruby, one guy even delivered beer to ‘The Carousel Club.’ (It was upstairs and Ruby would stand at the top of the stairs and watch as he muscled kegs up on a hand truck.) Aubrey Rike, as an ambulance driver, occasionally picked up strippers who would OD on drugs or some drunken patron who had gotten clobbered for whatever reason and Jack would always tip him a twenty.

    When I began working there, I helped to layout a newspaper-like publication called “JFK Today.” For anyone interested in following a loose end down the rabbit hole (Dr. Farrell? You’re good at stuff like this.), it was the first, and as far as I know ONLY publication ever, to mention in print a company by the name of Dallas Uranium and Oil in the Dal-Tex Building. (“I’d put a shooter down in this building over here,” Lou Ivan says as he points toward it with a rifle in the movie ‘JFK’.)

    Bob Goodman (“the boy in the pergola”) and author of “Triangle of Fire,” proffered that the gun used in the Dal-Tex Building was placed in a safe. That weekend, somebody came and removed it (“In all the confusion I left my briefcase at the office. I had to come get it.”).

    About the time I ceased working there, the Zapruder film was proven to have been faked.

    I never did make a Nazi connection though. Oh well. Memories…

      1. A couple more details here:

        That’s the second floor window UNDER the fire escape. This is the window used for one of the shooters in the movie ‘JFK.’ Since 1963, the Dal-Tex building has been internally remodeled a number of times. It is now a small office, not much bigger than a large closet.

        The window to the right is open too. A black lady is looking out this up at the man who is sitting on the fire escape about halfway up between the second and the third floors. I forget her name but she (allegedly her) made a written statement that she heard three shots from the Texas School Book Depository.

        The man sitting on the fire escape is unidentified and is said to have fallen down onto the second floor landing of the fire escape just after the shooting, thus creating a bunch of noise.

        QUESTION: How much ammo can fit in an (alleged) box of books? I mean, there was “Operation Mongoose” that ran armament pipelines to arm anti-Castro Cubans and nobody has every suspected that some of these may have been moved through the Texas School Book Depository, hence Oswald’s employment there as he was involved in Operation Mongoose.

        1. When I worked in Dealey Plaza I heard every “theory” you can imagine as to what happened that day. Many people would come there and they were SURE they knew the truth but it would turn out they just had some whacked out idea(s) they got from reading a book or seeing something on the internet, most of them having never even been there before.

          Let me tell ya’: When you stand there and you look back and forth at everything in the place for five years, you pretty much figure it out.

          1. Here is one for you, Dr. Farrell:

            (Dr.) Walt Brown used to come to The Grassy Knoll sometimes. There was an “unidentified” fingerprint on one of the boxes that made up the “sniper’s nes”t in the TSBD. Walt positively, at least in accordance with Texas state laws concerning legally admissible evidence in a court of law, that fingerprint as belonging to LBJ henchman Malcolm E. “Mac” Wallace. I don’t know if you are aware of this or not as I have not read your JFK book yet. So I decided to post this here.


            …I guess I am on a roll.

      2. Mein gott. Ummm … I’ve been staring at that picture for some time now. Zoomed in and out and looked at it with strange squinty eyes (I keep them in a little box under my bed :D), and all I see is a white blobby thing and nothing else. How do you know that that is a man’s (or woman’s!) shoulder? All I see like I said is a white blobby thing, and as for a shooter. Well … I see … zip … zilch, absolutely nothing!. I know my eyes are not very good, but I really can’t see anything at all.

        But I am not one who dismisses the more than one shooter scenario. I have read too much about the assassination to believe the whole media “one shooter” theory. Its interesting that you say that this was where a shooter was positioned in the JFK film. Maybe Oliver Stone was “consulted” by people in the know through the making of the film. I have mentioned here before that Arnon Milchan (the top Israeli arms dealer and Hollywood producer) not only helped Israel with its nuclear weapons programme (which he admitted to recently), he also helped finance (I believe, could be wrong on the details … it may have been that he bought the film rights) Jim Marrs’ book “Crossfire” about the assassination, and that he also produced Stone’s JFK movie. Interesting since Israel may have played a big part in the offing of JFK, if you are to believe Michael Collins Piper (who I think is more spot on with this than anyone else).

        1. That is the best copy I could quickly find on the internet. I just assumed it was zoom-able when I linked to it because it is un-cropped, for the most part. My bad.

          All I can suggest at this point is to find a hard copy of it and look at it with a magnifying glass. That’s how I found it.That is exactly what is there.

          Also, and I forget which book it is but it is one of the early famous works about the assassination, I later saw a half-page blow-up of it in that book. When I can recall the name and the author then I will come back and post it here. James Altgens, the photographer, told me I was seeing things when asked him about it.

          Again: Michael Piper is a lying idiot. Israel had about as much to do with the assassination of JFK as they did with man landing on the Moon.

          FWIW: His sentences were always long and winding word salads whenever he spoke to me. He and his wife died rather close together under “unlikely” circumstances.

          1. PS

            When I trash Michael Piper Collins, I do so with first-hand knowledge as I used to listen to him on internet radio and we used to argue a lot via email. I even called his show once. The man is NOT concerned with facts. According to Collins, it is ALL about the JEWSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

          2. As for the book with the blow-up of “the Altgens photograph” in it, I remember a LITTLE bit about it now. The author is mentioned in the acknowledgements of the book “Case Closed” by Gerald Posner (whom I also met in Dealey Plaza).

            I don’t remember his name but he was a very old man who had file cabinets full of info on the JFK assassination in his basement. Gerald Posner had gone to look through these under the guise of writing an “objective” book. So this man, who was old and frail and couldn’t get up and down the stairs very we,ll just gave Posner the key to his file cabinet and let him go down into the basement and copy whatever he wanted.

            As it turned out, Posner had been paid something like a half million dollars by the CIA to write “Case Closed” and so the man later said that had he known that Gerald was only playing him and was intending to write the hack job that “Case Closed” is that this man never would have let him into his house. But this man is mentioned in the acknowledgements to “Case Closed” only to give that book credibility.

            Another reason that I have difficulty placing this author is that he wrote an entire series of books about the JFK assassination similar to “Forgive My Grief” by Penn Jones, Jr. and my memory of his books with those of Penn Jones is confused in my mind.

            And while I am tooting my horn, I spent the better part of an afternoon once sitting in Penn Jones’ living room, way out in the country south of Dallas, and talking to him about the JFK assassination.

            I once wrote the major portion of a book about the Kennedy assassination but I never completed not published it. It was to be entitled “Rumors From The Grassy Knoll.” I had written a whole chapter about Penn Jones.

            The completed part included a section entitled “Generals There Are Three.” The chapters in this section, in no particular order were:

            “Rump Rangers”—General Edwin Walker
            “The Mayor’s Brother”—General Charles Cabell
            “The Mirror”—Penn Jones, Jr.

            That’s enough from me on this topic. “See ya’ on the flip side.”

          3. What the heck, since I am still posting here, I want to give credit where credit is due.

            In the above “Generals There Are Three,” I inaccurately left the rank “General” off of Penn Jones. If you search for Jones on the net, you will see that he retired from the army with the rank of captain. However, he then served in the Army Reserve for several years and there earned the rank of General. So he was a general too. He told me that it took him 28 years to become a general, serving in every rank from Private through general inclusive.

  17. I don’t see how you can claim that “most people” don’t believe the Warren Commision report. Most people believe everything governmemt tells them, always have. Those who question authority and its asinine explanations are much less than 5%. Most also accept the official story on 9/11 as well.

    “Liberty requires responsibility, that is why most men dread it.”

    1. Perhaps: Many don’t believe the Warren Commision is a better phrasing.

      And forty five years from now many won’t many won’t believe the 9/11 fictions. (Already true for those literate people living outside of the USA.)

      1. It is actually worse if people don’t believe it. Take the Zepruda film, hard evidence, and what difference has it made? All this talk about people waking up is meaningless IMO because it doesn’t matter if people are awake, it only matters if people DO something about it. Historically people don’t. Secret societies do, elites do, but the people only follow. This is why it would not matter one bit if the government went on TV tonight and admitted everything.

        1. You get that the Zapruder film has probably been tweated, right?

          I think people do small things, publish books, and try say “alternative medicine” or visit the Great Pyramid, build cold fusion cells in their garages.

          I’ll dare to say that some of these things are distractions, like “investigations” of Obama’s birthplace. Or teatards who think that the Koch brothers really should have to pay more taxes.

      2. Also, that 45 years have elapsed in the face of a mountain of evidence to the contrary shows how pathetic humanity is on the whole. The only progress made is in spite of ourselves with the vast majority digging its heels in, kicking and screaming the whole way. People WANT to to be lied to, sold fantasies and miracle cures. The last thing people want is to know how it really is.

      3. Actually msm polls will show you on a range of government was culpable and negligent to they actively organized it as false flag captures like 75% of us. Stop ignoring the grey that is…I used to think like this but it’s mostly projections from inside. Question your self as much as you question “out there.”


    1. I’m not an American, but when I watch Kennedy I feel human. Then I think about the monster who came after him and blackmailed my country into sending many of our finest to die in Vietnam.

  18. Actually this coup goes back much farther than the 63 takeover. We need to look no further than the battle between the Jeffersonians and the Hamiltionians in the struggle to impose the American system of protectionism and public works, vs states right, sound money and individual liberty that culminated in the triumph of the whigs in the election of the monster, father abraham. It was the war of northern aggression that removed the possiblity of restraining the growth of an out of control central govt by allowing the states to peacefully leave the union and saddled the nation with the new, corporate, singular UNITED STATES with the incorporation of the district of criminals via the Act of 1871 and the 14th amendment that created the fictional US citizen as a sub-corporation of the district.
    From there it was only a matter of time until mountbanks like the roosevelts, wilson and every president after Harding were able to take us down the bloody edge of Occam’s razor to the logical outcome of the corporate/mercantilist state that considers everyone as its property and resources.
    We can also see that the American revolution itself may have been part of a larger masonic, or illumanist plan, financed and funded by the city of london and the rothchild banking family to be the first shot in the establishment of a one world government. “Out of chaos, order.” “Our of many, one.” Can’t slip a dime in between them.

      1. Jay, you neglected to put “In my opinion”, in front of your nonsense.

        There is no such thing as Law, there is only the opinions of unelected judges interpreting the law.

        If people wanted to leave the Union, it wouldn’t matter if it said on a piece of paper, they were allowed to or not.

        There would be Fanatics that would interpret the law any way they like, so they could impose their will on those that didn’t want it, giving them the phoney authority to kill people in their millions and then strip their nation of everything of value.

        That is what White Northerners did to White Southerners.

        It doesn’t matter what is written on a piece of paper. Northerners should be ashamed of what they did to their fellow Whites.

        1. For its entire history it said on a piece of paper, the member states of the USSR, could leave it at any time, for any reason.

          What do you think would happen to anyone that suggested leaving the glorious USSR, run by you Commie/Marxist, Friends of Humanity?

          They disappeared and were never heard from again.

          There is no such thing as law, there is only interpretation.

          1. Ridge,

            Not an opinion. You sound like various nihilist French philosophers, who think they make up the entirety of reality.

            I note you insist on bringing up “race”.

            I specifically was not commenting on the conduct of the Civil War.

            So can someone “interpret” that you have no right to life?

            You’re acting exactly like the Stalinists you claim to detest.

          2. You have all these fancy names to label us dissenters with and we are not impressed in the least. Does it make you feel intellectually superior Jay? lol

            The only people you are impressing with this nonsense is yourself, because you are talking to yourself.

            Can you think for yourself Jay, or are you Mommy Professor’s talking doll? lol

            “So can someone “interpret” that you have no right to life?”

            Your Commie/Marxist Twins in the Soviet Union did, didn’t they Jay? They “interpreted” the Same in every Commie/Marxist run nation ever created didn’t they Jay?

            “You’re acting exactly like the Stalinists you claim to detest.”

            I like how you try to distance yourself from your Commie/Marxist twins in the Soviet Union, China and every other Commie./Marxist country in history.

            Its too funny, Jay. Is that the Commie/Marxist equivalent of Holocaust Denial?

            You people change your names as often as people change their underpants, but you are the same people with a dirty secret. Sure Jay, you changed your name yet again and you are a “Friend of Humanity”.

            Funny how when people say they are doing things in the “Name of Humanity” they can justify doing ANYTHING they like to people.

            You’re acting exactly like the Stalinists you claim to detest.

            Oh really Jay, exposing you for what you really are is Stalinist? Too funny Jay.

            They only Enforcer here is you Jay. You are un unpaid stooge of the establishment telling people whta they are allowe3d to think.

            Giving your opinions as if they are Universal Truth. Well sorry Jay, there are no Universal Truths. There are just the opinions of men. You and your kind act as if your opinions are Universal Truth. That makes you akin to the religious fanatics that have come and gone for thousands of years.

            There is nothing new about you Jay.

          3. “I note you insist on bringing up “race”.”

            Why shouldn’t I bring up “race”, Jay?

            I am living in a country that so called anti-racists have defined as “White”.

            Anti-racists define a “White” country as one they say, must have massive immigration and forced integration, until “White” people are blended out of existence.

            You people are committing GeNOcide yet again in the “Name of Humanity” and MY people are the target.

            Your side has admitted many times in public, what you are doing and you celebrate it. A Brown Future? Are you kidding me, Jay? That means no White people anywhere. Its GeNOcide.

            So don’t kid us you are anti-racist Jay, you are anti-White.

          4. “I note you insist on bringing up “race”.”

            And Jay I will warn you now, that like all your anti-White friends, you are skating on very thin ice.

            When you say race is not real, you are saying GENOCIDE IS IMPOSSIBLE.

            In many countries outside of the United States, you would be imprisoned for Denying GeNOcide.

          5. Ridge,

            You’ve made up a different defintion of racisim to suit your ends, how very like a Stalinist.

            I have never said “genocide is impossible”, there you go again making things up.

            You can think whatever you like, but if you publicly espouse those confused thoughts, expect to be challenged. That’s one of the good things about the USA and the internets.

          6. Ridge:

            It’s is not an opinion that in this solar system the earth orbits the sun. So that would be very close to a universal truth.

            What I think you’ve confused is universal truth, which exists, with universal morality, which is a lot more slippery. But I’m not writing about morals here.

          7. Jay says:

            “You’ve made up a different defintion of racisim to suit your ends, how very like a Stalinist.”

            The the Nazis should have thought your renaming trick to deny genocide Jay. We aren’t Hitlerists, we are Nazis. Of the 8 stages of GeNOcide number 8 is Denial. Congrats Jay, you are at stage 8.

            “I have never said “genocide is impossible”, there you go again making things up.”

            You put race in quotes. You can’t cover your tracks now. You were saying race is not real. I have heard this anti-White nonsense many times before, so I will say what you keep pretending not to hear:

            UN Law says, Genocide is the elimination of identifiable national groups.

            If you Deny race, you Deny that GeNOcide exists.

            As an anti-White, I can safely assume you “interpret” UN Law differently, when it comes to White people. You dehumanize us by saying, the people in all White countries and only White countries are a social construct – we don’t exist.

            If people don’t exist, you “Friends of Humanity” can justify anything you want to them, right?

            “You can think whatever you like, but if you publicly espouse those confused thoughts, expect to be challenged. That’s one of the good things about the USA and the internets.”

            Challenge all you want Jay.

            “Anti-racists” only make arguments that lead directly to White GeNocide. You can’t take any other position.

            Jay says:
            November 22, 2011 at 3:37 pm


            “It’s is not an opinion that in this solar system the earth orbits the sun. So that would be very close to a universal truth.”

            The Opinions of Men, are not Physical Reality, Jay. They are just the opinions of men. Do you know the difference anymore?

            “What I think you’ve confused is universal truth, which exists, with universal morality, which is a lot more slippery. But I’m not writing about morals here.”

            All you have are personal opinions and like all leftist fanatics you believe they are Universal Truth. You Demand everyone comply, or you start calling people names and playing psywar games.

            What you have going on is nothing to do with intellectualism. Intellectuals are creative, they make useful things. What you have is a religion and you ruthlessly enforce doctrine.

      2. Jay,
        I think you need to rethink that statement. The states created a contract among themselves that created the federal govt to act as their agent in dealing with other nations and all other powers were reserved to themselves. There’s no way you can sign a contract that forever limits your right to withdraw should circumstances change and become incompatible with your best interests.
        Might also mention that this was a contract between the states and their creation and not with the sovereign people of the several states. No one can write a contract to bind anyone else, much less make it perpectual.

        1. No, I’m not going to rethink that, the US Constitution is not a revokable contract.

          The “anyone else” signed up with radification.

          1. V,

            The articles of confederation were revokable because they were superceded by the constitution which was radified by all of the states.

            Look in fact you can revoke the constitution, you just need huge majorities of state legistators, and the south didn’t have that before the civil war.

          1. Jay,
            Trying to impress us with the names of dead philosophers, does not make you sound “Wise”, it is just Childish.

            Trying to sound “Wise”, using words no one used in common parlance, was a common psywar “trick” of the Commie/Marxist/Bolsheviks. It may have impressed the illiterate, dung burning peasants back in the old USSR, but it doesn’t cut the mustard in The Age of Information.

            Everything you know and more, can be found out in seconds by a 10 year old, with a vague interest in dead philosophers and an Internet connection.

            Face it Jay, you are nothing but a dinosaur and you are only embarrassing yourself here.

      3. Ridge:

        Quoting you: “The Opinions of Men, are not Physical Reality”.

        Let me see, what’s wrong with this: It was a physical reality to the Catholic Church in about 1450 that the earth was the centre of the universe.

        In modern times, in mainstream science, look for an explanation of virus mutation which makes any sense without structured information from an outside source.

        Even more physical: magnetism operates across short empty spaces, because the opinions of men exclude the possibility of the physical actuality of the ether.

        Does time move evenly, or is that opinion?

        Some of those French philosophers you sound like are very much alive.

    1. To go back prior to 1871 there is an interesting tid bit I have still not been able to verify. Around March 27, 1861 the “South” walked out of the Congressional session and they did not have a quarom to close the day’s business. They conveniently ignored this fact as most people did not understand this little nuance but Lincoln did it is said. So he sat a de facto Congress under martial law but when the war was over the TPTB/W codified the de facto government by the act of 1871. We haven’t had a de jure Republic government since that session didnt close. There are movements within the US to actually seat the common law Congress that was voluntarily abdicated and force all current sitting members to prove their legitamacy.

      On to JFK…youtube has a few videos of the zapruder film with the shaking removed. They’ve isolated the centered frames so you only see the middle of the video. NOW watch the film w/o the shaking and its BEYOND clear who shot him for real…look @ who actually looks back after the first shot and continues driving normally. A second shot is fired and THEN he takes off…who fired second shot? Hint, he’s promoted to Rockefellers main stooge for the rest of his “career.”

      PS…ledbetter has a trove of data on the net about JFK…there are a crazy amount of layers to it either way. He basically pissed off all money powers…so pick your poison.

      1. You’re absolutely correct about the martial law and the de facto nature of what’s called the federal govt ever since then. It’s now the corporation that considers all americans who claim citizenship in the district to be enemies of the state.

      2. On the infamous Zapruder film:

        There are now all kinds of versions to support anything you
        may want to believe.

        I now wonder if even that was an inside job, since a lot of
        strange connections have come out
        about this Zapruder character.

    2. I lost it now;
      backtracking about who mentioned
      Jefferson and Hamilton.

      And yes, DC was laid out by the Freemasons.
      Now isn’t that a curiosity of Truth ?

      1. I must have jumped a timeline…..
        I totally can’t find it.

        It all really does go that far back, though.

        They broke the Constitution even before the ink dried.
        Now; it might as well have been invisible ink !

  19. Yes, i was only thinking of Ruby’s words this morning…and your reference to their accuracy. I recall at the time, the media making with the usual ridicule, also casting Mr Rubenstein as a ‘nut’ for seemingly crazy mentions of Nazi’s being abroad within the fabric of American rule. Nevermind his filmed remarks of the truth never likely to be coming out to the public as very high up people had too much to lose etc

    I’d wondered if we’d get to read Jackie’s view of it all: if it would ever become available to the public. After all, of all the witnesses, who was closer to it all than her? Who could know better, the truth of it from sheer instinct if nothing else, than her?
    Not just the first lady, but the first witness, indeed.

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