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November 23, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Here's one for the history books... and it's from those ever-so-reliable journalists at Komsomolskaya Pravda:

Israel launches new missile that can reach New York and Tokyo

Here, for once, I am inclined to trust Pravda since the article is based on other sources, but it is interesting that it was Pravda that connected the dots in an unusual way, namely, by pointing out (1) the missile, in service since 2008, has a reputed range of being able to strike targets such as New York and Tokyo (and ergo, India, China, and most of Russia); (2) It is capable of carrying a 750 kiloton warhead (that's almost a megaton folks), (3) the same missile is also capable of carrying MIRVS, or Multiple Independently-targetable Re--entry Vehicles, and finally (4) the missile is fast, so fast that it is according to Pravda not an easy target for missile defense systems (remember those Patriot batteries we gave Israel during the First Gulf Oil Bush War?)

Let's look at that reported 750 kiloton warhead for a moment. That, as noted above, is almost a megaton, and if true, then the implications are twofold: either Israel has perfected the procedure of "boosted fission" to an extraordinary degree, or - as I think slightly more likely - it possesses thermonuclear weapons, i.e., hydrogen bombs.

Thus, there are messages being sent, first by Israel, and more subtle ones, by Russia. The messages Israel is sending are, it would seem, obvious enough, in a time of rising tensions between the West and Iran over the latter's alleged nuclear weapons program. It is a nightmarish scenario, one in which an insane regime in Iran has pledged to wipe out a nation(Israel), and that nation, in turn, has its own extremist elements that views all non-Jews - particularly Muslims - as less-than-human "Amalekites". One has nuclear weapons and missiles, and the other apparently wants them.

The messages Russia is sending, however, are to my mind extraordinarily subtle (as Russian messages usually are). Pravda could easily have said that the Jericho missile could reach Novosibirsk, or Irkutsk, or Beijing, or New Delhi, but it did not. Instead, in a week that saw Russian warnings to the West about Iran, and the Israeli missile test, Russia is saying the Jericho can target Tokyo (a consistent critic of Israel), and New York... Perhaps Russia knows something going on behind the scenes between that tiny nuclear nation with the long reach, surrounded by a sea of Sharia...