November 21, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

The Daily Bell once again seems to be getting it right regarding the Middle East and the machinations of the west's out of control money-elite:

Now It\'s Syria\'s Turn to be Conquered

Clearly, the Daily Bell believes this is all engineering, for the purpose of creating a semi-united "Islamic bloc" which can then fulfill the role the old Soviet Union once fulfilled as the "most favored enemy" status in an ever widening "war on terror".

Well, it may or may not be, but for the sake of argument, let's assume this is what Zbukgnislob Rzbesczdeski and his Rockefailure-Rottenchild mentors have in mind.  What would result from this would be the creation of a world with clearly discernible "civilizational blocs": (1) the "West", meaning the North America-Europe-Australia axis(we'll call it the Washington/London-Berlin-Canberra axis); (2) the "Islamic bloc"; (4) Russia; (5) the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (to borrow from World War Two Japanese geopolitical thinking), comprising China, Japan, and all those other guys over there, including India; and finally (5) All the rest.

Now the interesting thing about this alignment is that it neatly dovetails with Huntington's divisions of civilization in his now well-known Clash of Civilizations. In other words, it would appear that the behavior of the western elite is precisely to consolidate its position within a civilization, with the predictable result that the elites of those other civilizations are consolidating theirs, and entering into alliances that - lo and behold - dovetail neatly with the above scheme: consider only how China and Russia have clearly let it be known that Western military action against Iran would be a big no no.

Now, for those who follow such things, this is also the scheme first proposed in the nineteenth century by one Cyrus Scofield, in his well-known Scofield Reference Bible, that textbook of supposed "Christian" teaching about the final events leading up to the two-stage second coming of Christ known as the Rapture, in which the powers of the North (Russia), and the East (China, Iran), march on God's chosen (Israel), and a United Europe (Revived Roman Empire), all get into the carnage et voila, they're all defeated and a new era of peace breaks out under the iron rule of Antichrist, who is deposed by Christ, who restores peace iron rule, in a scenario in which the only distinguishing feature between anti-Christ and Christ is not the morality and behavior in evidence from the two, but rather, merely when each appears on the stage.

All this of course, from any traditional historical point of view of Christian doctrine, is of course, nonsense, as it was never a part of Christian doctrine, leaving one to wonder how Scofield - a self-styled "doctor" for whom there is no evidence whatsoever of any seminary attendance or advanced degree has ever been found - managed to get all this nonsense published and promoted by no less than the Oxford University Press, the suggestion implied being, of course, that this perception of events was being managed and put into play deliberately.

It makes one wonder, then, why the disturbing parallels between someone as nutty as Scofield, and someone as smart as Huntington, exist...The parallels are definitely there. And I think they point to a deliberately orchestrated "apocalypse theater," but that's just my guess.