1. I remember taking a boat ride or “Dampferfahrt”, I know the word sounds like something sitting there steaming, but anyway, on this boat ride with my wife twenty years ago along the Spree River in Berlin, she pointed out to me the Bundesbank and told me that the gold they kept there was lowered under the waterline along the Spree into deep vaults. I`ve since talked to a woman who worked there and she said the gold isn`t there anymore, they moved it somewhere else. I personally think they loaned it to the US Federal Reserve Bank in New York and now they want it back, but they will have trouble getting it again because it might not even be there. But the Bundesnachrichtdienst will find it. Their new headquarters are now the old US Berlin Brigade Headquarters in the Clayalle.

  2. Some news say not even the German government know where their gold is. Those who are monopolizing the stuff would love to kill David Hudson, if they haven’t done so already. Why are there no official studies on the effect of ORME’s on the human body? All you can find are warnings NOT to take the stuff. Funny.

  3. i completely understand why countries are pulling their gold back. They have all been ripped off. Chavez asked for his country’s gold back and hopefully it will arrive safely. Apparently it is en route. Now what I find intriguing…who ends up with Mubarrak’s war chest…or Ghadaffi’s…and where does the money go from there if it goes anywhere at all. And really in the scope of reality…who cares…smoke ring…

    1. You`re right Terrylee3000, it always has been about ripping other people off, and the one thing we know for sure is, we aren`t going to get any of it.

  4. Something that helped me when I reached my existential maximum with the “burden of Knowledge” I had been acquiring about our fine world and the harpies that infest it… If you haven’t yet, check out Lee Carol’s Kryon series of books. I know you follow the path of mysticism, and although I myself don’t fully understand what that entails, I think you might be able to appreciate Kryon as he defines himself as an off planet being channeling information to Lee Carol and this information is quite profound given the time the books had be published and Lee’s live changelings started. He calls himself the master of magnetism and claims to have created the very magnetic grid that this earth functions on.

    Anyways his books helped me through maybe my toughest time in life thus far. His technical aspects are of a higher education and most, (including a lot of your tech speak) goes over my head but the implications are not lost on me. I think you may enjoy the different insights.


  5. I’m thinking more and more that it is really all about oil. Currently the world is awash in oil. Everyone is at full production and new oil fields are being found regularly. (I won’t even go into the theory that the earth is is being constantly replenished with oil by the earth’s crust as we have already hashed that out on this forum along with the fossil fuel absurdity with its miles deep pockets of decaying dinosaur carcasses). Industrial production is down and although I don’t know where it stands versus 1999 when a barrel of crude oil was $11, it can’t be that much greater that crude oil now trades at $98? I think what the Babylon banksters and the oil producing countries of the world are facing is a total collapse of the oil prices. I think this would trigger the often scoffed great deflationary scenario with a total price collapse across the board including gold and silver.

    I’m no economist so I don’t quite know what this would do to the currencies but I can’t imagine it is anything the Babylon banksters would want. The little guy, who is perennially strapped for cash, would now find goods would be much cheaper and would get the biggest break with more buying power and money left over to pay off his property taxes and credit cards.

    The recent open talk of an impending attack on Iran seems real suspicious as if the Cabal wants to keep a war premium in the price of crude oil. No attacking army would ever want to give up the element of surprise. If the Israelis were going to attack Iran, they would sign a UN brokered peace treaty with Iran before hand (which they did to Syria in ’67 before they sneak attacked them) and then attack Iran. They wouldn’t be announcing publicly it on a regular basis. It seems preposterous.

    Anyone want to take a stab at what the total collapse of crude oil prices would do the world economy, the currencies, and current geopolitics? I do know one thing: markets are designed to screw the most number of people at the most inopportune time. An across the board price collapse of commodities and equities would screw a lot of traders.

    The internet rumor that there is a conspiracy afoot between between Iran, Israel, US, GB, and the oil producers to stage a phoney war may not be as incredible as it seems. Its actually straight out of “1984.” What if an agreement is made to commence a WWI style war of attrition somewhere in that region where Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Soviet Stans, etc all meet? It would be the perfect cover– austerity measures at home for every participant, crackdowns on liberty, news distraction, drafts, etc. The Straits of Hormuz (?) could be shut down in order to goose the oil futures market, then they could liberate it to crush a bunch of traders, then it could be blocked again, and on and on…

  6. You’re not feeling well, Joseph……
    I can empathize.

    Ya gotta keep goin.
    What else is there?

    I have been completely unwell for a long time
    and in my position, ‘lucky’ to be granted disability.
    But that’s me.

    your role in life is different.
    It is, however, important to the rest of us.
    I ‘know’ you not. I think of you often.

    I sound like what I hate !

  7. The elites WANT Germany’s GOLD. Why? Simply because that gold represents REAL MONEY in a world where paper is no longer accepted as a legitimate means of exchange” by the general public.

    Bottom line is this…It is the general public that determines what a legitimate means of exchange is, not government, not economists, not politicians, and not scientists. Germany simply understands this truth and is naturally reluctant to let go of what is now considered REAL MONEY, to the elites.

    That said, I would only advise that in a “worst case” future economy gold and silver will be of seriously reduced value as well. At that point, man will revert to the original “means of exchange”, barter. Barter will be based on man’s possession of those things that are required for his survival. That would be water, food, shelter and energy…in that very order.

      1. So can diamonds that a jewler can’t tell.

        THEY have been infighting for a while,
        so we suffer for it.

        Anyone remember Superman’s Bizzaro World?
        This is it.

        Anything can be changed or ‘transmuted’ by targetted
        frequency, directed vibration.


        1. Great news!
          Transmute me a couple thousand lbs. of gold.
          I am Fed Ex’ing a ton of lead to you, post haste…

          1. Sheetheart, Sheetheart,

            The tech is still expensive.
            Wait ’til it goes down.

            Like electric heat, remember?

  8. Joseph

    Your an astute researcher who has studied many ancient manuscripts and know the importance of cross referencing and the fact that originals are often lost or destroyed or incorrectly copied but are referenced by other ancient authors.

    Do you have an opinion on the validity of the Kolbrin bible and the claim to its antiquity. It seems like a hoax but certainly seems to have some claim to antiquity.

  9. That’s good news to me.


    I have been listening to HOURS of your interviews on “The Byte Show.” I am very appreciative of your knowledge and of George Ann Hughes’ willingness to interview you. When I can afford it, I will send her a donation…you too. Presently I can only afford your books, one at a time.

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