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November 9, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Boiling Frog had this interesting post recently, on the amount of money pouring into various coverts operations of the American intelligence community:

How Much Of The Economy Is Owned By “The Company”?

Well, as we sit in the midst of a global financial meltdown, which really means a global central banks meltdown, we would do well to pause and remember that the various intelligence agencies are intimately plugged into this whole worldwide web of "corporatocracy", running front companies, laundering money (much of it from drug trade, covert arms dealing, and so on). We have, I strongly suspect, the most recent example of what all this money is used for in the so-called "Arab spring" and its most visible manifestation, the collapse of the Qaddafi regime in Libya. Such "spontaneous" uprisings, throughout a region, could not happen without (1) on the ground organization, (2) agents provocateurs, and (3) money, and this betokens intelligence agency sponsorship at some level, and I suspect that origin is in the West.

The installation of Islamic governments in the countries thus "liberated" is not, in my opinion, accidental, for as the West's financial system teeters toward disaster, thanks to the machinations of its blind-and-dumb financial elites, the one thing that can put it back on course, is, of course, war, and that appears to be what some, at least, are angling for.And it's hard to have a war with the likes of Hosne Mubarek, Moahmar Qaddafi, or even Assad, reprehensible and brutal as those men are/were. What one needs is an implacable enemy, an ideological enemy, an enemy that views the West as something to be eradicated.

I doubt very much, however, that we have seen the end of covert ops in the region, but rather, that what we have seen is only the beginning. Consider only all those surface to air rockets in Libya that went "missing" and over which the West is now expressing "concern." Well, they are right to be "concerned" but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what the game plan might be... with enough downed aircraft, the West could push for "regime" changes or destablization that can only, in the long term (or so it thinks) suit its own interests.

Add to this volatile mix the possibility discussed by Richard M. Dolan, myself, and others, that much of this money is being diverted to an actual "breakaway" civilization, with access to technologies and capabilities well in excess of the host civilization that sustains it. A disturbing possibility emerges, and it must be mentioned, and that is, that such a breakaway civilization might indeed view its host civilization as now being superfluous to its existence, and either acquiesce in, or actively plan for, its destruction.

Reading the tea leaves is becoming increasingly difficult, but signals such are these from Boiling Frog are signals nonetheless, not noise.