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November 19, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

A number of you sent me various links to articles about the mysterious structures in the Chinese desert, a few of you messaged me the links on Facebook, and others - including my web developer - also emailed them to me. I must admit, I was intrigued, and my immediate thought after seeing some of them was that they were used as spy satellite callibration sites. Note, I said some of them. Then, I watched the story unfold: a number of more mainstream sites -AOL, Yahoo,  began reporting it shortly after the initial internet rumble, and then, very quickly, articles began to appear that we could all sigh with relief because they were all nothing more than spy satellite calibration sites. We could all breathe a collective sigh of relief, since the Chinese were doing nothing more than what Russia, France,Germany, the UK, Japan, and USA were doing with their spy satellites. Well, before I get to what I think may be going on, first a few links so you can look at these structures and sites for yourself:

China Desert Structures: More Mysterious Satellite Images Emerge (PHOTOS)

Well, with respect to the first three images in this article, I tend to concur with the analysts who think they constitute some sort of spy satellite calibration figures. Similar sites were built both by the USSR and USA in the 1960s for their satellites in remote areas of their countries. However, I was informed by one individual on Facebook that that some of these resemble various Chinese ideograms.

But the mystery increases when one considers that not all of these sites are simply unusual patterns in the desert, but actual installations, one of which, as The Huffington Post notes, resembles cooling tower structures for nuclear power plants. Other articles have noted that the sites seem to be scale mock ups of various key terrain sites along the China-India border, constructed perhaps for the purposes of war games and so on.

What intrigues me is the picture showing what may be an antenna array, peculiarly HAARP-like in appearance. What does it all add up to? One could speculate wildly here -as some have done in their emails to me - that perhaps the Chinese are conducting actual experimentation into ley lines and the world Grid system, perhaps even studying their own Feng Shui system of world Grid theory, not a wholly unlikely idea, since China has conducted research into what we would call "the paranormal". I suspect however, something more prosaic, in addition to the satellite calibration idea, and that is, simply, that China, like the other great pwoers, is simply building its own versions of Area 51, Los Alamos, Sandia, and so on, in remote regions of the country, for the purposes of secret research. If that be so, then we can be assured that the real story isn't what we see on the surface, it's what's underneath. And that would be anyone's gu