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December 29, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Some weeks ago, two of my friends sent me the following link - George Ann Hughes of The Byte Show, and Mr. V.T. - and after some delays, I finally managed to find the time to watch the link and read the article. While the video is quite long, it is well worth watching due to the implications it has:

Proof of NASA\'s Off-The-Record Lunar Surface Operations

What is quite useful here is the author's conclusion, namely, that the official NASA record of Apollo 12, if scrutinized carefully, is both covering up a secret lunar activity, and yet, that activity can be reconstructed from careful consideration of the transcripts and mission timing.

What intrigues me here is that this activity is the camel's nose in the door, for it makes clear that there was a two-track program going on with Apollo, a public one, which we all saw on our tv screens, and a private one, hidden from the public. In short, it raises the philosophical question once again of a secret space program, one wrapped and packaged within the public one we all know about.

What also intrigues me here is the methodology of this researcher and what it could portend, for it is based on NASA's own official transcripts, upon careful cross-checking between the times recorded for various activities by the astronauts, and careful sifting of the evidence. What all this revealed was clearly a possibility - a strong possibility in my opinion - of a secret itinerary that lay carefully hidden within the official documents.

This raises the distinct possibility that similar things might be detectable on the other Apollo missions - 8, 10, 11, 13, 14-17. To my knowledge, no one has yet gone through the Apollo missions in this thorough fashion, comparing schedules, photos, transcripts, with a view to exposing areas and blocks of time where covert activities might have been conducted.IN short, this investigation was careful and scholarly, and points the methodological path for future researchers to follow, and it will be an important methodology to bear in mind when Europe, Russia, and China eventually return mankind to the Moon. In any case, following this careful methodology might reveal aspects of the hidden space program and provide further clues in answer to the question: What really went on with Apollo?

At the minimum, we are looking at "off-the-record Lunar surface operations," and that should give us all pause. Careful research of this nature can lead to accurate  FOIA requests of NASA, and when those requests come back that they are still classified, or that the files have been lost, or whatever, will in themselves be a significant indicator that there is still much about Apollo that remains secret.