December 18, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

OK folks, this one is significant, if true. Normally I don't bother with "whistleblowers" but this one is coming from Max Keiser, a former Wall Street broker. Scroll down, and read the transcript testimony in the article, and then play the video of Alex Jones interviewing Keiser:

MF\'ing Bombshell! - Max Keiser: JPMorgan\' DEATH THREAT Ordered Corzine to Pillage Personal Accounts +UPDATES

Keiser is not mincing his words: the Western financial elite is now totally out of control, ordering Mafia-style "hits" in racketeering operations that would make a Sam Giancana or Santos Traficante green with envy. I commented on this in yesterday's blog: when one constitutes oneselves as an "elite" that in Zbgnw Brzznsk's words is "unrestrained by traditional values" one is dealing with a Mafia in the classical sense, a group of "bosses" of various familiar interests, now conferring around green-topped tables in cigar filled rooms with other "bosses," and now ordering hits and blackmailing each other.

Nor is Keiser mincing his words on what he thinks happened to Corzine and MF Global, and in fact, he is naming names in the interview with Jones: JP Morgan, according to Keiser, allegedly called Corzine and ordered him to steal customer accounts for Morgan so it could balance its books. Well, time, perhaps, will tell if that is true.If it is, then it is an indicator that the facional infighting among the various financial sectors has become a shooting war.

What is disturbing to me, however, is Keiser's brief reference to the invention of the guillotine later in the interview, implying what his wishes are for these elites, as if implying he is hoping that there are Murats, Dantons, and Robespierres waiting in the wings, or worse, a Bonaparte.

This is not the answer. What needs to happen is for the truth to come out, and for the perpetrators of all this financial malfeasance, the real ones, to be held responsible before law. This, however, is not the significant point. Keiser has pointed out one significant fact: the derivatives and credit default swaps that led to this whole meltdown are so out of control that every major financial house is now hopelessly entangled in so much bad debt that their own house of cards is collapsing around them, and as it does, it's every bank for itself.

There is one final point that emerged from Keiser's interview, and I hope you caught it: that was his statement that there are now some, within the financial elites themselves, who have been coming forward to tell the truth, often at the peril of their own lives. For me, this is an answer to prayer, for as those who have followed my own various interviews, I have been asking for people to pray for the members of these elites, that they will indeed recognize their own humanity, and act in goodness and compassion. Well, if what Keiser is saying is true, it might just be working...