December 26, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

By now I hope you're all recovering from massive Christmas turkey dinners, sweet potatoes, football games (ugh!), the packages are opened, the wrapping thrown away, perhaps even some of you have taken down the tree already and are, like me, simply vegetating today, contemplating the wreckage.

Well, apparently someone wanted to give China a present, if we take this story at face value:

Finland \'finds Patriot missiles\' on China-bound ship

I hope you caught that:

"The MS Thor Liberty had docked in the Finnish port of Kotka after leaving Germany last week.

"Dock workers became suspicious after finding explosives poorly stored on open pallets, and the missiles were then found in containers marked 'fireworks'.

"The managing director of the ship's owner, Thorco Shipping, expressed surprise. Thomas Mikkelsen told AFP news agency from Denmark that he was unaware of the matter.

"Another company official, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the ship had been detained in Finland and said the missiles could have been loaded on to the vessel by mistake, AFP adds."

So where were the Patriot missiles loaded? In Germany? Possibly, for the USA does indeed have Patriot missile systems stationed in that country. But wherever the missiles were loaded, it seems clear to me that "someone" wanted China to have these missiles, and the technology that goes with them. The question is, to what purpose?

We can all entertain speculations on this one, so here's mine: as the year ends, we've seen a so-called "Arab spring", the overthrow of Qaddafi, rising tensions with Iran and Syria, and now this. It appears to me that not only are certain powers-that-be interested in installing fundamentalist regimes in the Middle East, and thereby creating a "new enemy" while simultaneously locking that enemy in the backwardness that any fundamentalism, be it Christian, Jewish, or Islamic, inevitably brings, but that a new Cold War might be being engineered before our eyes.

Whether or not this speculation be true, however, one thing is clear: there are rogue elements within the West that are creating policy on their own, precisely by such transfers. 2012 is going to be an interesting year, the hysterics of the 2012 Apocalypse Theater advocates notwithstanding.