December 24, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, perhaps it is appropriate at this time of year, on Christmas Eve day, when everyone is with family, watching television, the matrix-like box that invades our lives and filters our information, that this story was forwarded to me by Mr. V.T., and I thought I should share it:

DARPA Spends $51 Million On Matrix-Like Cyber War Firing Range

What I want to draw your attention to are the following two paragraphs in this article:

"The simulation, called the National Cyber Range (NCR), first went public last year, but just yesterday the cash needed to get this project moving was finally doled out. Johns Hopkins received $24.8 million for the project, while Lockheed Martin walked away with $30.8 million. The Lockheed contract is significant, as its defense industry competitor Northrop Grumman actually won the Phase I grant in 2009.

"According to DARPA, the NCR will 'realistically replicate human behavior and frailties,' and provide 'realistic, sophisticated, nation-state quality offensive and defensive opposition forces.' Basically, computer programs acting like real people will populate a the virtual world that the cyberwarriors will attempt to disrupt or save, depending on the mission. Paging Agent Smith..."

There are a number of things to note here:

1) DARPA's pattern or modus operandi remains the same, namely, farming out advanced projects to private companies and universities to develop a concept after its initial "proof of concept" phase has been researched;

2) bringing an advanced technology that has national security implications into the open, and thereby transforming society and culture. In this respect, it is good to recall that DARPA, under its predecessor agency, ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency), long ago developed the ARPAnet, which of course, once it went public, became the Internet;

3) Note the significance of the fact that this matrix-like program can "replicate human behavior and frailties", in other words, this National Cyber Range is a tool for modeling human behavior, presumably both aggregate, and according to individual personality types. This means in short that the techniques for vast social engineering have been developed to a fine pitch. Again, it is important to note that this effort began, as I pointed out in Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops, during World War Two, particularly in Nazi Germany, and, of course, in this country with private-government studies of psychological warfare operations that were sponsored and funded in part by the Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie Foundations.  In short, we may assume this program and network is another mechanism for social control.

4) Finally, please note that Lockheed-Martin and Northrup-Grumman were both involved in this project. Ponder that one a moment: what are two aerospace companies doing being involved in a project that would seem to have little to do with aerospace? Well, recall again what I have written in Babylon's Banksters and in Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops: there are the statements of the late Ben Rich, former director of Lockheed's Skunk Works to the effect that they discovered "an error in the equations," presumably the equations of electro-magnetism, but perhaps also in other fields of physics. As I pointed out in those two books, the rise of the number of physicists entering the financial sector - banking -  during the 1950s-1980s meant the application of mathematical modeling techniques used in quantum mechanics, to the field of economics: "econophysics." We may therefore be looking at yet another by-product of the black world, and of that development, and thus be looking at another example of that interface between consciousness and the physical medium and at the possibility that the black projects world may have developed paradigms and techniques well in advance of what is known publicly.

...Merry Christimas everyone!