December 27, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I pointed out the strange interception in Finland of Patriot missiles bound for China. It is a strange phenomenon, because as is evident, the Obama Administration seems to be sending messages to China that it has been designated as the new "superpower enemy" for a new Cold War:

Obama Raises the Military Stakes: Confrontation on the Borders with China and Russia

Rest assured, this is not coming from President Obama himself, but more likely from the Troika currently running US Foreign policy: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, General Patreaus, and Leon Panetta. This article does indeed get it correct, the Obama Administration is trying to "encircle" China, and, for that matter, Russia. And both countries are quite aware of this.

We need only hearken back to Sir Halford Johgn Mackinder's geopolitical dicta, in which he noted that Central Asia, with its rich resources, was the key "heartland" or "pivot area" of human history, and that the then world powers - Germany and Russia - had to be watched carefully lest their dominance of the region eclipse that of the Western Powers, France, England, and the USA.

It is interesting to note that little has changed, geopolitically anyway, since the big three Western powers are still pursuing the same strategy, while Germany acts as an increasingly independent power both in Europe as a whole, and more importantly, in concert with Russia in Eastern Europe, while Russia and China in turn draw closer together in their common interest, and that interest is not to allow the West to dominate that region.

I hope you caught one of the key points in this article, namely, the increased US arms sales to Japan. That should give one pause, for as I pointed out many months ago, the earthquake and tsunami that shattered that nation, and that verypossibly exposed a secret nuclear weapons project, also seems to have halted Japan's attempts to repair relations with China in its tracks.

There is a second thing that should give one pause:

"The US economy is in no condition to replace China as a market for Asian or Australian commodity and manufacturing exports. The Asian countries must be acutely aware that there is no future advantage in tying themselves to a declining, highly militarized, empire. Obama and Clinton deceive themselves if they think they can entice Asia into a long-term alliance. The Asian’s are simply using the Obama regime’s friendly overtures as a ‘tactical device’, a negotiating ploy, to leverage better terms in securing maritime and territorial boundaries with China ."

That says it all. Let's remember an important lesson of history. The last time such a sweeping "encirclement" policy was tried was in 1919, when, with the dismantlement of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, Europe was left with Cardinal Richelieu's nightmare: a united Germany, and no other power in Central Europe to act as a counter-poise. The "solution" was to create, at Versailles, a cordon sanitaire of smaller states in Eastern Europe between Germany and Russia to act as buffers and containers of potential German eastward expansion, or potential Russian westward expansion. Encircling Germany did not work out so well...

It is a pipe dream to assume that the USA, even with European military might added to the equation, can "encircle" the great Asian powers.  We must ponder the course of empire that we are embarked upon, for China and Russia have nothing to gain by allowing such a policy to succeed.