December 1, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I talked about plucky little Iceland basically thumbing its Teutono-Scandinavian nose at the Banksters. Well, I am not often one to turn to Alex Jones or infowars for news, but this one was just too good to resist, for it seems another, much more powerful, country, might be preparing to tell the Eurozone exactly where it can go, and even appears ready to take the case all the way up to France, if need be:

Germany Is Preparing To Kick Countries Out Of Eurozone

Now it doesn't take a Nazi rocket scientist to figure out why Germany wouldn't want to allow the European Central Bank to simply run the printing press to deal with the toxic debt situation in Europe. In Germany's case, it's a case of "Been there, done that." We know what happened as a result of the last hyperinflation in Europe: a nutcase came to power in Berlin, and there was this little experiment in military adventurism called World War Two.

But there is something this article is not saying. And it is here that we must speculate a bit. Let's read those last two paragraphs again:

"In other words, while everyone believes Germany has been boxed into a corner and has no choice but to relent on global demands to let the ECB do whatever France demands, Germany was making other plans all along. Such as having the opion to kick France out of the Eurozone if and when it so chooses.

"Because after all, money talks. And in Europe, only Germany has the money."

Germany may have the money, but for such open defiance to be possible - and in my opinion at this stage, unlikely - Germany has to have major backers, after all, for Berlin to call the shots on who is and is not in the eurozone, implies some major geopolitical clout, and it is not going to come from London, Paris, or Washington. That leaves Germany's major trading partners: Moscow, and Beijing. Russia and Germany have entered into expanded relationships as Russia moves to become a major energy supplier to Germany, and, if Germany is going to buck the "unipolar world" emanating from London and Moscow, it will have to have other major backers.

Chancellorin Merkel is certainly no fool, having grown up in the old Eastern zone of Germany, and speaking fluent Russian. So if the scenario being outlined by infowars, relying as it does on extensive quotations from the British press, is to come about, then look for increasing German moves toward Russia and China, in spite of the current noises coming from Paris and Berlin that "all is well."