Babylon's Bankers


December 2, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

The folks at The Daily Bell have done it again, coming out with yet another article that requires a lot of reading between the lines, not the least of which is the article appears on the date of the anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination, perhaps a droll reminder of one of the pwoer blocs behind his murder:

IMF Expands Lending Again Due to Phony Crisis

There are a number of very interesting points in this article, and I'd like to draw your attention to them by highlighting three paragraphs, first, there is this one:

"Those countries owe far more to the banks than the IMF can provide. Heck, EU honchos are going hat-in-hand to Asia, and China in particular. The figures, according to the article (excerpted above) are some US$60 billion and US$30 billion for Spain and Italy, respectively."(Emphasis added)

Then there are these two:

"It's the old bugaboo, 'contagion' at work. The article spells that out, too: 'More on the IMF's new lending facility, which is aimed at helping 'bystander' countries protect themselves from contagion.'

"Conclusion: So now we have yet another phrase to deal with – 'bystander countries.' Always a new word or phrase to describe this sorcery of a system. We wonder how many more iterations it has left before people simply cease to believe."

The article is entirely correct in diagnosing this recent IMF fund as just another bankster scheme to create their unipolar world government and central bank. The trouble is those "bystander nations," i.e., nations like China that, as the Chinese themselves have stated, didn't write the rules, and therefore, shouldn't be expected to play by the rules of a game they didn't write, nor are terribly interested in playing. China and Russia have made it very clear that they do not want a unipolar world in which everything is dictated from Washington and London.

So who are the EU honchos going to China? Certainly France and Italy would be among the "honchos", but as I pointed out in a previous blog this week, the real player in Europe is down to one: Germany, and Germany, in spite of official press coverage, is quietly planning contingencies of its own, and they don't seem to be including what it views as the hyper-inflationary tactics of the European central bank.  The Germans in short don't like the unipolar world any more than the Russians or Chinese.

As for the sorcery of the system, I concur with The Daily Bell's assessment, the system is unraveling because more and more people are waking up to the scam, from the Occupy movement, to Iceland, which, as I detailed earlier in the week, dealt with the situation in its own very direct way. What this will mean, unfortunately, is that the banksters will speed up their efforts - war has always been one of their favorite methods - ... and so will Russia and China.