Babylon's Bankers


December 19, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

The Daily Bell has posted a very intriguing interview with Evelyn de Rothschild on China:

VIDEO: Evelyn De Rothschild on China\'s Growth, International Currency and Climate Change

Now, I hope you caught all that, but there were two things that stuck out in my mind: (1) the call for an international currency, and (2) his admission that he owns a company dealing with weather.

With respect to the first point, it is interesting that Mr. de Rothschild explicitly stated that an international currency was the goal, with the convertibility - i.e., the ability to exchange the Chinese reminbi - on the international currency market being a step in that direction. Reading between the lines: the Western banksters are pressuring China to allow its currency to be speculated upon, and hence manipulated, by the international currency market, which they, of course, largely control. De Rothschild has allowed us to peek, just briefly, into the ongoing attempts of the western financial elite to gain more and more influence within the Chinese economy.

But it was the second point that caught my attention the most. After mentioning a drought in China and "global climate change," a typical meme of the financial elite of the West, de Rothchild very clearly hinted that his private financial interest was interested in weather technology, a perhaps not-too-subtle-hint that the Powers That Be are trying  to - if they have not already succeeded in - gaining control of technologies that can actually not only predict, but manipulate, the weather.

If this reading of the situation is anywhere near correct - and it is a mighty big speculative "if" - then it signals something else. Typically in the past, the hallmark of the Rothschild interest within the Anglo-American corporate elite, has been on the control of actual hard assets through collateralization of those assets, whereas the typical "theme" of the Rockefeller interest has been the control of technology. This is a signal, perhaps, that the focus of those interests is changing. Even if such technology does not exist - and I strongly believe it does - de Rothschild's statements contain another admission, namely, that the Rothschilds are interested in controlling information about the weather and "climate change."

I am bold to suggest it's too late for that, after the affair of scientists cooking the data to support the thesis was exposed, thanks, once again, to the internet serving as the forum for the Worldwide Skeptical-of-the-Elite community that has grown up within it.

In short, your playbook is getting old, Mr. de Rothschild. Surround yourself with paid lackeys long enough, and pretty soon you will be so inside your own conceptual box that you cannot think of other alternatives and policies. Your own power, dooms you to immanent obsolescence, because human ingenuity cannot ultimately be boxed in.

Evelyn de Rothschild & Zbigniew Brzezinski