cosmic war


December 6, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

My Facebook friend Paul McNamara in Great Britain was kind enough to share with me some enlargements of the following image from NASA's Mars Rover taken in the McMurdo region, and I thought these were just too good to pass up, and wanted to share them here, if you have not already seen some of them on Mr. Hoagland's site or on the sites of others tracking the strange pictuures coming back from our strange celestial neighbor. So I'd like to take a couple of days in these coming blogs to share these with you, because I think you will find them as intriguing as I and others have found them. First, here's a link to NASA's original image, which you will, if you're like me, find it in itself endlessly intriguing upon close analysis:

NASA Mars Rover McMurdo Image

I am deeply grateful to Mr. McNamara for allowing me to post his image enlargements here, and over the next couple of days.


Rock or Object at Mars McMurdo?


Rock? Or Machined?

What we have here are, in my opinion, three ambiguities. I'd like to believe there is a simple geological explanation, a process that might account for the suggestively artificial looking nature of these things, whatever they are. But that's the problem: a single geological process to explain three very distinct objects. But by the same token, what if they are artificial? We'll address that question, after a look at more images in the next couple of days.