Joseph wished everyone a Merry Christmas, makes several announcements about new and upcoming projects and ebooks, a new company, and adds a couple of brief comments about the SEC filing charges against CEOs of Freddie and Fannie, plus reads a quotation from our dear friend Zbgnw Brzzsnk:


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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. paul degagne on December 24, 2011 at 7:21 am

    Forget it!

    I am going back to bed!

  2. Mike on December 23, 2011 at 10:56 am

    Doctor Farrell,

    i would like to respectfully invite you to consider the possibility that we are being treated to our own “Theater of accountability”.

    Quantum members seem to enjoy Opera. The crescendo is there! Fannie/Freddie CEO’s could be the first ones there. I won’t specualte who might be next…but surely many Banksters will follow… They have been allowed to plant the seeds of their own distruction and given a false sense of impunity. I won’t go into the details becasue, frankly…i find them boring. The final act will come when the rug is pulled from underneath and they start falling like flies.

    Internet is a “weapon”…whose weapon?…certainly not Brezinsky et al… since all conspiracy/reptialian accounts+wikileaks are spilled against them… Very much doubt, those accounts, however accurate or inaccurate, stories are the source of Brezinsky’s own creation.

    A little digression: I am of the opinion that internet was realeased just in time for it to start “brewing” before the “big event” was unleashed on 9/11. That account by the likes of Rumsfeld denouncing trillions in missing Pentagon funds appear to the crowds as a statement of the Bush clan own involvement in 9/11, rather than a denounciation of something that was coming. To me, Rumsfeld was referring to the other Pentagon (whose paper tracks were made to disappear), just like there is another CIA…and as we know of another NASA… with probably only one State Department or White House…but not that it matters much at this point…all things considered.

    I will leave that there…

    But as as far as the “Theater of Accountability”… and as much as I like Max Keiser and feel he is 100% correct _just like anyone’s fondness of these sites should not deter anyone from analyzing the very purpose these viral websites might be serving and were initially created for (by their authors or others).

    Yes! there is noise along the way – DSK & Murdoch Skynews Scandal_ who have been two early detractors of the current financial system by making calls for a Gold Standard.

    Because the Gold Standard is the way they are serving us with, and the crescendo will come as Ron Paul gains political momentum and prosecution of Banksters (fiat currency systems) take place. I am still not sure how warm or cold it will be served:

    1.- A two year quick affair where Ron Paul reaches the presidency, or vice-presidency/Treasury as Obama gets the boot.

    2.- Another six years of “well staged” misery under the fiduciary banksters.

    we will see! after all and as you pointed out the Gold Standard might not be the way. But the transmutating Goldfingers may harbour different plans. (BTW, those British Lords were probably leaked some info by someone in the Citi of London trying to expose the Goldfingers).

    The GDP standard might be the way…but that is another different discussion.

    More at a later stage.

  3. Mike Infinity on December 22, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    Would appreciate a reference to the Zignoff Berenieifsky quote. I am a collector of such things.



  4. Antoine on December 22, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    Don’t take down the Donate button, whatever happens. We all know you’ll use the money for good purpose, and its one of the reasons we support you. Others being you’re a great guy, you can actually compose music to a level that I’d call ‘Lifetime Accomplishment’, etc.

    P.S.: I want more music.

    • paul degagne on December 23, 2011 at 5:30 am

      I second Antoine’s notion about not taking down the donation site. You don’t push it very far hence sparing my feelings about my poverty. My wife and I are constantly receiving GIMMIE-GIMMIE notices in the mail from groups (some of them quite worthy) It’s REFRESHING and a GOOD SIGN to think you are thinking about taking the donation site down when you get a few more membership enrollments. (Reminds me the best LEADER to have is one that doesn’t want TO LEAD)

      I wish you the best in your publishing endeavor. It’s really nice to be your own boss and not to be distracted by bread and butter issues. Frees up more more leisure time to enjoy and do what we really want to do. (but watch out for the BOREDOM FACTOR! It can be a killer and it creeps up on you WHEN you least expect it. Similar to being alone in a CROWD feeling —- TWO-EDGED!)

      Also, You showing consideration about what SEASON this is by going lite on the BAD NEWS. (although talk about killing a MILLION is not exactly lite-weigh, ha, ha?) seems appropiate.

      Yeah, in the same frame of mind I FINALLY ended my Christmas procrastinations and put up some lights and decorations around the house and guess what. I FELT A LITTLE BETTER and it made my wife happy for she is a sucker for all that sentimental stuff! It was CORNEY but was NICE!

    • paul degagne on December 24, 2011 at 4:23 am

      Is Antoine wishing to know a little more about your ‘PERSONAL’ life or who Farrell the man is? Knowing the music is one way of knowing the musician. I can imagine Antoine saying to himself “where does Paul get this off the wall stuff?”

      It’s not so OFF-THE-WALL Antoine when one thinks of the relationship between an Artist as a Musician and the Work or Music he/she creates, now is it? In fact some artist will say “Do you want to understand or know who I am then look at my Art or Text – That’s Me in a Nutshell!”

      ( Although that is not always the case. It can be an aspiration of the artist not fully realized, yet. That’s where I have to be careful in evaluating because some artists really know how to leave or make an IMPRESSION that is really not who they are or is deceitful (PHONY). Wasn’t Baudelaire the one who commented that “Art is an Artifice and Artifice is not the Truth? i think with Farrell he’s not quite THERE yet but he’s trying? I don’t mean deceitful what I mean is JOE isn’t fully accomplished in what he wants to do YET— or maybe LIFE is always an UNFINISHED PRODUCT—that’s a bummer!!!!! Joe – your not the only one who can tell BAD NEWS, HA,HA!.)

      I am going to defend Farrell. I think it was Quasar who said Farrell’s videos SUCK!

      I was kind of taken aback with that remark but I asked myself “How much time Quasar probably spends in here?” I am willing to bet mucho-time which reveals something else about Quasar so I wont pick on him. I will say I understand why Quasar said but I will state affirmatively I believe ‘QUASAR,” he probably wont like this, Quasar is missing something of the big picture. Be grateful Q
      UASAR that Farrell’s videos suck? Farrell is not a PRO in this MEDIA BUSINESS so one can see mistakes which is a good thing. Now think of David Icke and how dam smooth he is (I like him anyway) or Alex Jones proven style (by proven I mean he’s got the numbers and I’m not fond of him).

      Would you like Farrell (the man) to be like that? Would it make Farrell – THE MAN a little more easier to UNDERSTAND. (you better believe I am looking WHO HE IS and I would be stupid not too for when one reads of all this satanist shit and CIA disinformation floating around the blogosphere? I want to have at least minimum or moderate awareness of where an AUTHOR is coming from who I am dealing with. There are some very smooth pricks or bastards out there destroying the guilible?)

      Now back to what I was saying:

      I don’t think you would Quasar. Neither WOULD I! Those little quirky visual mistakes are quite interesting.

      Quasar, I think Farrell is working on bread and butter issues or someone has to pay the bills. He realizes to get a big enough audience to where he can live a little more independently (which is a very good thing) he needs to do a little polishing up on is IMAGE instead OF concentrating only on CONTENT. IT’S TOUGH, I KNOW JOE! ( I quit that cigarette business, PHEW!!!!! —do what you like but lightening up isn’t good for an Image. I once watch a documentary about Chinese Medicine in the PROVINCES and the Doctor was actually smoking while attending to the patient. Unbelieveable but that is CULTURE?))

      These POST-MODERN TIMES demand it (show business) and necessity makes concessions.

      I am beating around the bush here. (let me organize my thoughts a little better and I’ll come back post them later/)

      • paul degagne on December 24, 2011 at 6:18 am

        I took a little too much time so my second post – got timed out and it didn’t appear. Maybe it is to the good because what I said can be so subject to misinterpretation one could almost say i am inviting the FLACK which usually occurs when dealing with very abstract subject matter in the flamboyent writing-style of mine.

        IN ANSWER TO THE CHAP who asked me if I believe (have faith) in ETS then in that NUANCE I would have to say NO!

        NOW flip this JAN-like COIN OVER and say, do I believe or have FAITH in what I see when I am dreaming at night. I MOST CERTAINLY DO. Jung once stated, DREAM SYMBOLS have a habit of UNIFYING unconscious CONTENTS or even conscious ones into a UNIFYING AND VERY SATISFYING/INTEGRATED WHOLE. (The analogy is a magnet will draw a field of metallic particles around it.) The same with dreams IMAGERY.

        I am basically an Archetypal psychologist at heart but let me tell (squeal) on them. THEIR POLITICAL AWARENESS SUCKS! Their always talking about the SHADOW but never dealing with it in any significant way. To do otherwise would interfere with collecting their therapist fees.

        I like it that Farrell is thinking about taking down his DONATION site. LETs hope he does well in this perry promethesis or however you spell the fire-bearing god’s name. It’s a good sign.

        All this NEW AGE CRAP and it almost never fails — you hear all these delightful promises and there it is —- UP POPS THE CASH REGISTER, CLINCK ANOTHER SUCKER —LIKE THe CAPITAL ONE AD -WHAT’S IN YOUR WALLET.

        IT APPEARS farrell is more interested in WHAT’S IN YOUR MIND?


        I was having a bit of a problem with these little (sic) inconsistencies of Farrel but in one of the dreams I resolved the conflict.

        This idea of sparing bad news around christmas time and also in a UTUBE interview he says, I am not a Conspiracy Theorist…. as a child I was always fascinated with PHYSICS.

        i SAID TO MYSELF —-Yeah right and I don’t have brown (greying) hair nor brown (and no, I am not full of shit up to my eyeball, ha, ha!) eyes. My dream spoke OTHERWISE. (HOW it did this I will not describe because its too difficult a topic to explain with BUZZ WORDS!)

        I am not into REINCARNATION but the dream told me Farrell would be one of those ‘secret advisers’ who suggested to the German Generals during the WAR that they try and get rid of ( do in) Hitler!

        One could ruminate whether this was good advice or maybe even a way to get rid of him. (what’s this business about some very powerful sheriff of Stalin’s who got rid of his enemies by planting suspicious in Stalin BRAIN. (If not, I think the advice was sound but the OUTCOME was a disaster. These generals weren’t EVIL ENOUGH to know SPIES ARE EVERYWHERE! People with some sort or thread of remaining conscience don’t realize a few things which leave them very vulnerable or does it? Ask Martha Stout for she wrote a book about that)

        I am writing a book here. Incidently I when I read some of the plot or thought about these articles post on this web site I feel like telling them that would make an excellent spy or suspense book. Why not? I am waiting for UMBERTO eCO new suspense book out at the local library. It should be interesting?

        My dream was about Generals. I can remember all the hoopola and the tiny little flag on the limocine’s antennia every time one of them passed us by on base. Also the alert which order us YOU BETTER NOT FUCK UP which use to make me laugh. So AFRAID.

        What doesn’t make me laugh is Alex Jones —- If one wants to be heard by a large audience very quickly then they better pay a little HOMAGE to ALEX JONES or else? (what they don’t get on. Worst things have happened than that in this business1)

        • paul degagne on December 24, 2011 at 7:13 am

          I just re-read what I posted. My English grammar is atrocious! I always say it’s the thought that counts but I’ll try and do a better job next time. It’s this ‘TIME OUT’ business. I usually like to write in a leisurely fashion and sometimes I am a bit turtle-like or slow but when one is too slow around here their post don’t get posted.

          How often do you heard complaints about being CENSURED in here when I think that the above is the problem. My wife tells me some networks charge more money for this extra service?

          I don’t know but I will try and improve my English Composition for it does make one look stupid wouldn’t you say?(I like free-style writing which isn’t concerned with the p’s and q’s)

          I am not stupid at all. Just a bit whimsical, sloppy, lazy and in the end I don’t really give a shit what people think of me but before the end I try to be a little pleasant or as my wife says PRESENTABLE.

          NOW isn’t this sweet of me. I make comments about FARRELL’S PUBLIC PERSONA ( ON SCREEN ) (incedently – the PERSONA IS AN ARCHETYPE IN ITSELF) and here is little old me GOOFING!.

          Well all I can say to that is —– Well I am not into a VENTURE so I don’t have to really (in the end) give a darn about those little nice(ites)

          I remember all those YUPPIES FLASHING their new cars and thousand-dollar-suits like real big shots. They don’t tell you they work 70hrs a week and that they had to break a promise to their kids because they had to be over in Hong kOng somewhere sucking up to their boss’s butt.

          (I am not alone in this MOANING for I remember, I think it was quazar, saying he was all alone with that junky little car of hisand not enough gas-money down in texas. It’s a dam SHAME people with minds like that are out wasted in the MARGINS. IF IT IS ANY CONSOLIDATION PAUL FERERABEND on his practically deathbed gave one last interview and at the end of it he stated the SHAME of it === all these terrific scientists out there struggling to get by on CRUMBS which the nink-in-poops get it all) (I’ll be glad it over two days from now— Christmas -bah humbug, ha, ha!)

          I seem to be wanting to get something off my chest? You know what I think it is —- This web site should be loaded with viewers and I mean thousands but it isn’t. WHY ISN’T IT? I believe it is in the NATURE of the SUBJECT MATTER. Who really, really wants to know all this sic FORBIDDEN STUFF. I do remember my childhood religious upbringing which told us to FEAR TAKING A BITE OUT OF THAT APPLE.

          CAUTION MAKES SENSE BUT THIS DAM ‘programmed RELIGIOUS FEAR never seems to leave me. Like Antone Robert Wilson states —- it’s unconsciously wired into our BIOLOGICAL CIRCUITS!!!!!!

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