Babylon's Bankers


A little over a week ago I blogged about the possible connections between the mysterious death of Gus Weiss, a former Reagan era national security advisor, and the INSLAW affair. You'll recall that Weiss was involved in software modification activity for a project designed to infiltrate defective software into the Soviet Union, software that could, via a backdoor, wreak havoc with the Soviet infrastructure, presumably including its national defense capabilities. Imagine, for example, not being able to launch your missiles after you've "pressed the button", because someone has disabled the whole computerized command structure via said backdoor, and you get the idea of how sensitive and secret such a project would be.

The problem is, exactly the same story was told about the INSLAW affair and the secret modifications of its database software management program, PROMIS. With the INSLAW affair, I argued in that blog, we may be looking at the other half of the same story, namely, at modifications to software that was sold to the various foreign intelligence services of our allies, with the view to be able to access their secret information and databases.

Well, to my great surprise, I was contacted by someone intimately involved with that whole matter, who sent me a bit of information that I had forgotten about, and which, indeed, has appeared in the literature on INSLAW since. It is this:

Now, in case you cannot read that, the main body of the letter reads as follows, and I italicize the portion that interests me here:

"As agreed Messrs Manichur Ghorbanifar, Adnan Khashoggi, and Richard Armitage will broker the transaction of Promise(sic) software to Sheik Klahid (sic, et passim) bin Mahfouz for resale and general distribution as gifts in his region contingent upon the three conditions we last spoke of. Promise must have a soft arrival. No paperwork, customs, or delay. It must be equipped with the special data retrieval unit. As before,you must walk the financial aspects through Credit Suisse into National Commercial Bank. If you encounter any problems, contact me directly.

"/s/ Wm. (William) Bradford Reynolds, Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division."

Now let's backtrack a bit. Lt. Colonel Oliver North, for those of your familiar with the INSLAW matter, also wrote that one purpose of this tracking software modification was to track the financial transactions that were sources of funding for international terrorist cells and operations.

Ponder that, the next time they say, "We don't know where all the money went..."


  1. I walked danny casolaro walk many years ago…concerning my sister’s death and the destruction of my small high tech company…BBE… I found out what happened to BBE and mu sister and the arsoning of my home….but I walked into something much bigger…I stopped…and became very sad…I met some of the big players..I liked them…and found out that the world has alot of entropy…and information is distorted has it passes up the I am 72…joe farrel was just starting

  2. Sit tight, Joseph, you are getting noticed.
    THAT is a GOOD thing.
    So hold your ground.
    You are getting in on the finish line;
    lucky you ! 🙂

    I’ve been at this all my life 🙁
    but it will be worth it. 🙂

    I WILL see you
    on the

  3. Is this the same PROMIS software of Bill Hamilton and Catherine Austin Fitts fame? My problem is the spelling. In the letter it is spelled Promise software, with small caps and a e. These criminals are famous for creating what seems like almost identical product/names to create confusion. I personally work with a different Promise software used to bill for medicaid waiver services rendered in PA. I wonder how many other near “Twin” products are out there? Christopher Story and Michael Cottrell also spoke of the mis-use of this software in the derivative markets.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    All Roads (in the past)
    lead to Rome.

    All Roads(inrormation highways & byways)
    lead to BIS

  5. I got a hunch this money exchanged is black op money so all these names might be skimmers..Credit Suisse and Deutche Bank are like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs of Germany respectively.

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