8 thoughts on “ADVICE TO THE WAR-PRONE”

  1. You know, not only do our leaders know precious little about the military they control but the soldier (often an unemployed teen) has even less knowledge. These volunteers who go off to fight, die or become horribly maimed are duped by our government into believing they are patriots fighting for freedom when in fact they are pawns used, abused and cast aside when they are no longer of value to TPTB.

    As Major General Smedly Butler (two time winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor so well put it “War is a Racket”


  2. You’re right. It says it all.

    I remember years ago, during an election year,
    there was a ‘joke’ I heard that went somethng like this:

    So what will you do as President?

    I won’t know until I get there.

    [I condensed it a bit]

    What is [still] funny is that it is the most honest
    answer that one can give………..

    1. G’day HAL838
      I won’t know until I get there.”

      Don’t you mean:
      I won’t know until they tell me?

      1. No.
        Not many were that much awake back then,
        but it sure applies now !

        Scheduled suinrise here [in CT] is [still] holding at 7:17;
        [about three weeks (?) yeah]
        but the sun is at least trying to pay attention and
        not rising at nearly 8 o’clock anymore. It’s closing in at 7:17.

        [Longer twilights, though]

        Think of it!
        We’re telling the Sun what to do !
        I think it feels a bit under duress, though.
        It’s spewing more frequent flares.

        Sunsets are belly-crawling at about an inch [oops!]
        a minute a day; 4:37 for Monday; 4:38 for Tuesday.

        That doesn’t seem to phase or bother anyone here.

        You are indeed a great bunch!
        [of robots ! ]

        1. This morning the posted sunrise was 7:17
          and 7:16 for Wednesday AM,
          ending nearly/about three weeks as posted,
          at 7:17.
          I checked this against another site and it
          said the same thiing for both rise & set.
          And the sunset inching along at still one
          minute a day.
          Today 4:38, Wednesday at 4:39.

          The sun is catching up to its posted sunrises,
          very slowly and broke through the horizon at
          about twenty minues later around 7:30.

          Sunsets have been according to schedule posted.
          Even with the summer time change,
          we will not see proper daylight AT ALL
          for June or July, still well over an hour late
          rising, another hour early for sunset,
          according to the table posted.

          It [the sun] will have to hurry to make its schedule !!!
          which is still quite wrong !!!

          1. BTW
            I have been holding back because I wanted to be sure.

            On the information I first posted concerning the alarm
            by the Inuit:
            The Sun has also been vascilating several degrees

            [not something I have been able to,
            or can measure with any ‘degree’ of accuracy]

            between north & south since the winter soltice
            [2011, of course]
            and this ‘movement’ corresponds
            with the occasional few ‘cold’ spells lasting a few days
            each at a time here in New England.

            This morning it backed into south and the forecast changed
            from yesterday
            (in the 40s and upper 30s in the 7 day forecast)
            to now, taking a nose dive to the 30s and 20s, single
            digit and teens at night, toward the end of the forecast week.

            Am “I” stuck in the ‘Twilight Zone?’
            Do I know what/how this is happening?

            This is what my new “Information Service” is for.
            Besides the Inuit, only three takers ‘care’ to notice,
            so far.

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