January 28, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

And while we're on the subject of gold and fake bearer bonds from Japan and the Philippines, it seems there's now this little tidbit floating around out there on the internet:

1929-2008 World Gold War Secrets

Say that again? $3, 340,000,000 in missing Nazi gold? Is that in 1945 dollars (and if so, folks, that's a huge amount!), or modern ones (still a large amount).

Now, I have no idea if this story is true or not, but let's assume it is, and speculate a bit. We've had two stories now - The Japanese Bearer Bond scandal, and now the Filipino one that I blogged about yesterday - where massive amounts of bearer bonds were hoaxed, in my opinion to send messages. In the case of the Filipino bearer bonds, these were apparently issued bonds backed by gold.  In Babylon's Banksters I pointed out that one possible reason for the creation of the post-war Bilderberg group was to coordinate the financial activity of moving massive amounts of postwar Nazi loot into western banks, which would in turn keep this vast pile of cash, gems, and bullion off the books, and vastly expand its ledger credit entry making ability. Such a hidden reserve would vastly expand the credit making ability of those banks.

But I also pointed out that when dealing with Nazis, one is dealing with Dick Cheney, without Cheney's warmth and charm. These Nazis wouldn't simply have moved their money without some sort of security instruments in return. Bonds, perhaps? Bonds backed by the very gold they plundered from Europe?

It is a scenario worth pondering, for as many of you already know, a similar operation was underway in the postwar Philippine Islands, to recover the gold that Japanese General Yamashita had stashed there . This gold, in one version of the story, was taken by US General Ed Lansdale as a secret reserve to fund covert operations under the Office of Policy Coordination, a secret State Department group headed by Frank Wisner and full of, your guessed it, Nazis.

Enter once again the Filipino gold-back bearer bond hoax. Again, why bother to go to all the trouble of hoaxing such securities, unless one wanted to send messages, a message that perhaps there are indeed actual such securities that have been secretly issued and kept off the book?

The bottom line for me is this folks: I think - or perhaps it is better to say that I sense - that all these stories are related, and that perhaps the real origin of these financial shenanigans go back to the postwar deal with the devil that the western financial elites struck with the Nazis, and that it in turn plays some sort of role in the current financial mess.