January 14, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well the alchemical agenda of transhumanism marches on. The latest news is that German scientists have now invented a "nanoear:

Introducing the 'nano-ear'

The technique as described is simple enough. What intrigues me is the possibilities it opens up for the "transhumanist alchemist", i.e., an engineer who would couple this technology with others already in existence, say cochlear implants for example, to extend the range of human hearing. Sound impossible? Well, consider for a moment that we already saw last week the development of biological cells used as pump sources for very tiny lasers. Of course, with enough money and manpower....but all that is fanciful speculation.

Here's the part that really leaped out at me:

"According to the team, the device could be used to analyse the sounds made by live micro-organisms, such as bacteria and viruses. It might also be used to investigate artificial micro-objects that produce acoustic vibrations but that cannot be directly visualized in an optical microscope because of strong light absorption or scattering.

"'We might even be able to develop a new type of 'acoustic microscopy' as it is possible to bring very sensitive sound sensors in the close vicinity of microscopic samples,' team member Alexander Ohlinger says."

Now, does that sound familiar? Remember decades ago the name of Royal Raymond Rife rocked the medical world when he claimed to have developed a microscope that, subject to special tuning, could see viruses in their living states. Of course, by the laws of optics, this was impossible, and an electron microscope killed the viruses. Nonetheless, Dr. Rife persisted in making his claims. He went further, to the ire of the professional medical community, namely, he claimed that by using the resonant frequencies of a given virus, he could literally vibrate the virus to death, without harming surrounding tissue. To add insult to injury, he claimed to have healed several patients of what otherwise would have been terminal cancers (thus making Rife an advocate of the viral theory of cancer).

Well, we we know, the medical professional community stormed in, shut Rife down, confiscated (and some claim, destroyed) his microscope, which incidentally, Rife claimed had to be "tuned" in order to see the viruses.

Now, decades later, scientists have opened up the possibility of doing precisely what Rife claimed, namely, through this nano-sonic process, of being able to view extremely small particles, and eventually, one can imagine, viruses in their living state....