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  1. I am ordering the Yahweh book tomorrow.

    Reading the Preview has got me wondering what Farrell’s take is on duality or as some say the ‘split’ in consciousness. or as mentioned below from a paragraph of Paul Shepard’s book “Nature and Madness” – the “rage for order?” (also how this relates to what is called ‘The Axial Age.”

    Here is a paragraph from the book (pg. 106)

    “For such individuals, chaos becomes essential to the rage
    for order. Making a new order destroys a previous one, how-
    ever provisional. George Steiner speaks of modern society’s
    “nostalgia for disaster,’ “the perpetuity of crisis,” “burning
    of the garden,” “the dreams of ruins,” our combining the
    “Judaic summons to perfection” with our “loathing of an
    impossible goal.”(23) I take Steiner’s meaning in ways that he
    may not have intended, for he describes with terrifying lucid
    ity that will to devastation by those who are vexed over the
    imperfections of society, but whose real anger is resentment
    of being crippled — or, more accurately, a wrath evoked by the
    socially crippling deprivation of an orderly universe during
    the only years when that order can be internalized.

    I like the quotation = “Judaic summons to perfection?”

    The footnote (23) by Shepard includes:

    On my view, Steiner’s “In Bluebeard’s Castle” (New haven: Yale
    University Press, 1971), is the best book on human ecology of
    the twentieth century, although it is not ostensibly on man’s
    relationship to nature at all. Read in that context it conveys a
    sense of an immense mindless yearning for destruction that is
    irresistible and inevitable. Like other literati, he speaks of the
    “dehumanizing” effects of the assembly line, the “bland men-
    dacity” of the money market, and the massacres of 1915 – 1945,
    but I believe he is describing a desperate, profoundly human
    hysteria in the face of the accumulations of history and civiliza-
    tion. When we finally achieved the demythologized and desa-
    cralized world extolled by the Hebrew-Christian-Muslim puri-
    tans, “control” over all the plants and animals — which was
    perfected in domestication, the final repudiation of everything
    organic in the very structure of our built environments — we
    reacted with the utmost material violence, not because of some
    failure to contain anarchic impulse, but because humanism
    of literature and history is so discordant with the kind of being
    we are.”


    Again this implies a kind of causality I am assuming will be different from Farrell’s Yahweh book.

    Aside from that — the ‘discordance and destructiveness is real” no matter who is the instigator which Shepard ‘seems to blame” Hebrew-Christian-Muslim’ religions? ( some agreement on that aspect.)

    Again, it should be interesting to follow a different take on the subject matter.

    One more thing — I am curious to see the bibliography of the Yahweh book. (I found some of the best reads not in the book I was reading but in the leads at the back of the book?)

    Also this internalization mentioned in the last sense of the first quote I believe is ‘ an inadequate biological- development in the child?”

  2. Here’s a question for you Joseph or anyone:

    (Keep in mind I am no expert)

    Why is no one concerned about the Muslim country Pakistan having a nuclear bomb, and yet everyone is concerned about Iran having a nuclear bomb.

    I know Iran had it’s “Islamic revolution” and Pakistan did not, but still it seems like to me that the difference is not enough to justify they way both countries are treated when it comes to nuclear weapons, since both constitute an “Islamic nuclear bomb.”

    Again, I would like anyone’s reply. I feel like I am missing something here . . .

    1. Yeah, you’re missing the fact that world events are all orchestrated.
      As insane as the conductors are, it all makes sense to them.

      Iran is in the near east, a focul and very focused point/place.
      Pakistan is NOT !

  3. Hi Dr. Farrell,

    just finished “Grid” a few days ago and just now finished listening to your newest monumental interview with Ms. Hughes- wow!- I’m still trying to find a simple common denominator (is there one?- I don’t yet know) to PROFOUNDLY understand all of this (have not yet read “Yaweh”- maybe that will help- I don’t know yet)-

    I’m not sure yet if you’ve ever addressed the subject of barbaric male circumcision (haven’t yet read all of your books)-
    my question: why does Judaism/Islam insist on slicing off one of the most sensitive set of nerves in the male anatomy but Christianity takes no official stance on this one way or another?-

    warmest regards,

    Larry in Germany

  4. The geomagnetic field has been buffetted
    by several massive sun CME eruptions (flares)
    creating quite a stormy condition and still quite active,
    these past few days.

    There has been quite a few instances of electronic
    interference including yours, I would hazard ro say.
    You flickered to near normal a few times and then
    pretty much cleared up.
    That’s pretty classic for mild interference.

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