Joseph comments on rumors that some in the US military and intelligence community are advising against military action against Iran, and talks more about the ebook, Yahweh the Two-Faced God

Press TV article is here:

10 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM JAN 5-6 2012 PT 2”

  1. Read your cosmic/bankster/genes books, waiting for grid. Astute research; nice work. Unfortunately, if you can’t “feel it, touch it, break it,” doesn’t work. Limitations of Ignorance & Innocence are self-imposed. Generation-Regeneration; Limited-UnLimited; Finite-Infinite. It’s called: “Mental-Myopia.” Generally, “passing on,” is the only cure. You might study your own work, help you perceive from Both sides, not just the materialistic side. You’d make a great Dictator with such “underviews.” Wouldn’t you be surprized to discover: there isn’t any “matter” anywhere: neverwas, neverwillbe: it’s all force of conscious-Awareness. Luck (watch out for those “generation rays”).

  2. General Betrayus ?
    Since when had a politician ever kept his promises.

    None, with the possible exception of Kennedy
    who had lots of changes started up
    [so ,oh no, no, he must go!]
    above and beyond any promises.

    What he found when he actually got into the Whitehouse
    was a complete disaster and he couldn’t be bought
    for obvious reasons and had begun to think himself
    almost impervious to death because he had come
    so close so times !

    It was somewhat exagerated after his murder,
    but he was a quick study and natural learner
    with bloundless curiousity.

    Your take on the politics of 2012, however,
    is fast becoming moot, as my new found
    ‘observation science’ is observing lots of
    really strange stuff with lots of really interesting
    dots to connect.

    Stay tuned.
    We are about to actually go on to that
    “flip side!”

    1. You can go to, “kindle store” download a FREE “kindle for PC ” (or whatever kind of computer you have). You don’t have to have a KINDLE!

      I just got mine downloaded. There are some glitches in the mathematical formulas, but it is in a section that Joseph tends to have to repeat in many of his books (the “topology” section).

      In other words, with 5 minutes worth of downloaded FREE software, at $9.99 for the kindle version of JPF/SdH book at, you will HAVE IT!

      I DID and can see it is going to be a mindblow! 🙂

      S in SF ^i^

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