January 30, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Once again the folks at The Daily Bell have come forward with a profound analysis of a problem confronting the financial elite - what The Daily Bell calls "the Anglosphere" - with the meltdown in Europe:

Another Failure for the Elites as the EU Sinks?

I hope you caught those crucial paragraphs:

Of course, such a worldwide depression must be handled delicately. The trick is to create an economic downturn without affecting the larger engines of global governance. The European Union is one such.

We think, in fact, the powers-that-be have already been forced to sacrifice the British-EU relationship in order to maintain the larger charade of the EU "crisis." This is because, in our view, the crisis is in some ways worse than anticipated and has been aggravated by the Internet.

It is the Internet – the Internet Reformation, we call it – that has shed clear light on the elite's 20th century directed history and on its continued manipulations in the 21st century. The Internet, a process not an episode, is almost impossible for the elites to confront and control, at least now anyway.

Thus, as always, everything that the elites do must in some sense be justified. And, further, they must walk a fine line between abetting a deepening financial crisis and promulgating a further breakdown of the EU itself.

The old depression-war formula of the financial elites, in other words, is falling apart because the EU is falling apart faster then their ability to maintain it long enough for this formula to work, and with the recent addition of India to those Asian powers no longer reliant upon the dollar as a reserve currency in all their transactions, but only in some of them, means that the Asian powers have assessed the West's ability to make this formula work, and found it wanting. Thus, the "Anglosphere" is now walking a fine balancing act "between abetting a deepening financial crisis and promulgating a further breakdown of the EU itself," which is, as The Daily Bell correctly observes, a key structural component of the global government and currency system they wish to emplace. And the ultimate culprit of spreading information faster than their ability to monitor it is of course the internet. Under these conditions, throwing the war dice is increasingly risky, and ultimately, counter-productive to those very elites, for their is no guarantee of victory without a fundamental realignment of the Asian powers that oppose them.

So the solution is to shore things up at home first...see you on the flip side for part two!...