January 31, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I blogged about the problems confronting the financial elite seeking to walk the precarious fine line between the breakup of the EU and maintaining it, and implementing middle-class destroying financial policies. The fly in the ointment, of course, is information and its control, i.e., the internet. Once again, The Daily Bell has come forward with a very observant article on this new phase of warfare against the world's middle class:

Yes, The War for the Internet Has Begun

The problem, as Anthony Wile sees it - and I wholeheartedly concur with his evaluation - is this:

"There is no doubt, in my view, that the elites practiced directed history in the 20th century, setting up wars and economic catastrophes designed to consolidate world government. But in the 21st century, with so many understanding and evaluating the mechanisms of the elites, this is a considerably harder trick to pull off."

But there is an additional problem for the elite, and I hope you caught it:

"Once the elites had manufactured a phony global warming meme via "peer approved" articles in complaisant journals, the elite-controlled media was turned loose to trumpet the supposed findings. And once the articles were written, elite-controlled UN agencies created white papers from them that could be used as calls-for-action.

"These white papers were in turn picked up by elite-funded NGOs that began to foment full-fledged socio-political campaigns to "crack down" on global warming "polluters." Vast UN conferences filled by elite-proxies (hand-picked politicians) were organized as well to agitate for worldwide legislation to "control" global warming.

"Of course, all of this takes a phenomenal amount of money, but money is no object to the Anglosphere elite that controls more than 100 central banks around the world and funds their campaign for a New World Order by printing endless amounts of money-from-nothing.

"The entire process I've just described amounts to a vast echo chamber in which each element of the Anglosphere's controlled promotional mechanism plays a given part. There is a scientific consensus that then creates "news" for the media, which in turn galvanizes "action" on the part of specially selected politicians.

"And gradually a "consensus" is reached, laws are written and public education textbooks promote the necessity of this directed history to a new generation of tots who have no idea of how manipulated they are – or their world.

"Every part of this painstakingly created matrix has been virtually shattered in the 21st century. Again, we can see the result by observing the global warming meme itself. Not only was it put in doubt by the Internet – the one avenue of communication that the elites do not control – but it was virtually blown up by email leaks."

This is a phenomenon that I have commented upon myself in various interviews on George Ann Hughes' The Byte Show: by literally "buying" expert advisors, the elites have literally locked themselves into their own conceptual matrix, and are unable to think outside their own box or even receive contrary or countervailing points of view, for having bought said advisors, the very information they wish to filter for others, also gets filtered for them.


"The Internet is what the elites need to destroy – or at least control – as soon as possible. Without control of the Internet, tens of trillions of sunk costs in building this vast matrix of complaisant scientists, academics, media moguls and corporate, military and religious chiefs is rendered virtually useless."

And the mechanism for that control as Wile correctly observes, is through the "meme" of protecting copyright. The problem is, as Wile also correctly observes, this is a very old playbook. In other words, even the elite's playbook and standard practice is now a known thing. The elite's response here is typical. Rather than rely upon individual creators of "intellectual property" to monitor and enforce their own creations, they want to step in and "protect" everyone.

Enter Kim

"It's not right, of course. As we pointed out yesterday, the US Justice Department virtually destroyed a company based on a judicial theory that may prove untenable in court. The idea that a vendor – Megaupload – is responsible for its users is inherently questionable. Are car companies responsible for their drivers? Are lawnmower builders responsible for the state of their clients front yards?"

And that is the point of course, for it is a violation of the customary rules of law and use, and thus, inevitably, destined to fail. By the same logic, all central banks should be shutdown because of the violations and egregious criminality of a few. Instead, they have been propped up and bailed out.

Technology itself is outpacing the elite's ability to maintain control:

"The trouble – and it IS a problem – is that history shows us that copyright and even patent law are clumsy instruments with which to combat the truth-telling of a particular information facility. People generally – in groups – tend to use a technology to its fullest extent.

"A battle has been joined, much as it was joined after the advent of the Gutenberg Press. But it is one that the elites had trouble finishing, and they only fully regained control of the conversation in my view in the 20th century. And now they have to do it all over again."

In other words, they may succeed for a while, but ultimately, the whole scheme, from global government, currency, internet control, will fall apart, because there will inevitably arise technologies and techniques for sidestepping them. Just ask the Soviet was called samizdat, and led people like Alexander Solzhenitsyn to issue his famous statement that when you strip a man of everything, he has no more reason to fear speaking out against the enslaving elite.