January 23, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

I wouldn't have known this was going on unless some of you hadn't written me and informed me about it. For those of you who don't know the story, "strange noises" are being heard all over the world, from Windsor, Ontario, to Kiev, the Ukraine. You can, for example, go on YouTube, and search for "strange noises" and you will find many recordings of these sounds. I found one, however, which is instructive for our purposes here:

Strange Noises: Are they UFOs, thunder, HAARP or a hoax?

The title here is, to my mind, almost as interesting as the video and audio, if not more so, for it is a reflection on the times in which we live. Note that there is next to nothing by was of any visual evidence in the video that would indicate the presence of a UFO, and yet, without evidence, the meme is already so widespread in our culture that the weird, strange and wonderful must be mentioned, even if there is no evidence for it.

The next offering in our "choices of interpretation" is thunder.  Hello...? I don't know that I've ever heard thunder like this,and I doubt the reader has either. But note what has happened here as well: a plausible natural  explanation has been offered that is itself ridiculous...this is not thunder, so why offer a "rational" explanation that makes no sense, unless, perhaps, the idea is to discredit such an explanation?

In searching other such "strange noises" on YouTube, I saw other "explanations" being offered, including of course the ever-culpable HAARP and other ionospheric heaters, to wild speculation that the noises are being hoaxed to sound like Gabriel's trumpet (in one version of an email I received). Now, before we all jump on the 2012 apocalypse bandwagon and start indulging fantasies of interferometry, beat frequencies, target region templates, or for that matter, magnetic field lines flux and oxygen atom harmonic resonances, cosmic dust, galactic centers, torsion twists, collapsing fields, and so on, let's stop and take a breath. Could one perpetrate a hoax using all those things? Well, sure, I suppose, but why bother? Why go to all that trouble? A good amplifier, synthesizer, some appropriate distortion and feedback loops, and a few teams carefully placed around the world to create the noises, would work just as well to perpetrate a hoax (though I will admit that the sound heard on the videos seems more "ambient" than that projected from a system of speakers, but without actually having heard it in person, it's hard to say). Are there people that dubious and debauched to plan something like that, just for kicks? or just to plant one more apocalypse theater meme? Well, sure. But even the perpetration of such a global hoax would require massive coordination, and I'm sorry, but I don't think that's in the cards either.

So the bottom line for me is, sometimes a strange noise is just a strange noise, and perhaps, just perhaps, with a little more data, careful observation, and thought, we may find this is the result something natural, though little known because it is so seldom experienced.  My money, for the moment, is on natural phenomena, seldom experienced before, that needs exploration and explanation. Perhaps that accumulation of data will reveal other possibilities, including technologies or even more elaborate scenarios. But until then, relax, and keep an open mind to all possibilities before indulging UFOs, HAARP, or apocalyptic hoax scenarios right off the bat.