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January 21, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

I was sent an article by one of the readers of this site - we'll call him "Mr. R." - that appeared in UFO Magazine, Vol. 24, No. 4, Issue 157, entitled "Alien Technology, The Priest and the Spy," and it deserves being addressed here, not the least because it makes claims, and also because it points out some features of the independent research community that I addressed earlier this week in my article "What the Hell is Going on in the Alternative Research Community?".

The article is by, you guessed it, an anonymous source who is simply called "Case Officer," who introduces himself early on in the article with the sentence "I am Case Officer X, unnamed of course." Of course... yet another anonymous source with yet another story... in this case a story where "Case Officer X" was involved in an operation to find a college professor of antiquities and archaeology who had absconded with an indestructible disk, presumably a computer disk. Here, for our purposes, are the paragraphs from the story that concern us:

"The professor told us that (the disk) was indestructible, so I asked him whether it would burn if I torched it with my lighter. All I will say is, that the flame of the lighter did no damage and after ten minutes in that futile attempt, one of my associates tried bending it and stamped on it a few times." (Ufo Magazine, Vol. 24,  No. 4, Issue 157, p. 60).

Now, this should raise alarm bells to anyone paying attention. Why would a spy and his team attempt to destroy something, presumably the very thing they were supposed to recover from the professor? But nevermind such nasty questions, on the story plunges:

"After a trashing that would have destroyed any CD on this planet, no damage was visible. When we asked the professor what the symbols meant, he explained that while he could read hieroglyphics, he could not read these symbols. He did say they were very similar to symbols found on a rumored Nazi World War II project called the Bell. At the time, we thought he was nuts and, take it from me, combatants will say anything to save their behinds when duct-taped to a chair.

"Some minutes later, a team of my fellow patriots arrived and relieved us. Some were familair faces, others were not, but they introduced me to a scholarly gentleman whose name was Father Malachi Martin." (Ibid., emphasis added)

And there you have it.

What we have here is a story that makes no sense, from any number of viewpoints, not the least of which is a team sent to recover a stolen object, who then proceed to attempt to damage that object, and which later, we are told, somehow included Fr Malachi Martin, whose presence is not entirely satisfactorily explained. But notice something important, and subtle: the article is entitled "Alien Technology, the Priest, and the Spy," the alien technology concerned being the disk with its strange symbols, symbols that we are also told resemble those on the Nazi Bell... guilt by association, and voila, we have yet another attempt to imply that the Bell story is yet another story of extraterrestrial technology, when, as I have attempted to point out in several books on that topic(The SS Brotherhood of the Bell, Secrets of the Unified Field, The Philosophers' Stone and The Nazi International) the alleged properties, structure, and effects of the Bell can be entirely "reverse engineered" or rationalized on the basis of known scientific theories and engineering papers of the period, not the least of which were the papers of electrical engineering genius Gabriel Kron.

And finally, all this in an article from an anonymous whistleblower-insider source! The article in my opinion is thus nothing but another attempt to plant memes within the UFO community: "pay no attention to those researchers of the Bell story behind the curtain who are pointing out its utterly terrestrial origins... believe only the anonymous source, the unfounded story, connect more dots to ETs and the Vatican....!"  'Nuff said.

See you on the flip side.