cosmic war


January 12, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Your tax dollars are at work, creating weapons of the weird and wonderful, and by "weird and wonderful," I don't mean the weapons, but rather the strange and bizarre people that dream them up:

Exposed: The Military’s Freakiest ‘Non-Lethal’ Weapon Ideas

You read that right folks, tasers with longer lasting effects, lasers able to take control of, or at least influence, the control surfaces of aircraft at a distance, ponder that one long and hard for a moment, and consider its nifty utility for staging "events".

What intrigues me more though is the claim that this information was leaked. Well, that implies a "leaker" and someone to do the leaking to: simple physics: source, and sink. Now, the "sink" can be virtually anyone with the ability to disseminate information widely and quickly, and in today's internet age, that can be just about anyone with a computer. No surprise there.

Which leaves us to consider the "source." This would, by the nature of the information, have to come from someone within the military-industrial-intelligence  communities that is somehow connected to these projects, and, moreover, someone within a relatively high-echelon management position to know about them and to have access to the "catalogue," so to speak. So why leak this information?

That's where the speculations, to my mind, get rather interesting. With the beating of the war drums and the saber-rattling we've been subjected to in the past few months, first with Libya, then with Syria, and always with the ever-present Israel/Iran matter, with behemoths China and Russia hovering threateningly in the background to all of it, it strikes me as odd timing that this report should be leaked, raising the question of why anyone would choose to do so. And the answer to be seems equally obvious, if not highly speculative, namely, that it is a customary habit of intelligence analysis to assume the worst case scenario of an potential enemy, based upon its known resources, developments, and so on.

Thus, to those "behemoths in the background" the leaking of the report may be designed to give them pause in their own military and geopolitical calculations and planes, for the message is "this is what we've got now, or are developing, that you know about," and the unspoken message is "and you have no idea what wonderful toys we really have." In short, I think it is possible we're looking at a deliberately leaked bit of information.