Ok folks, the long-awaited moment has finally arrived: Yahweh the Two-Faced God: Theology, Terrorism, and Topology is now available in the webstore here at Gizadeathstar.com. We'll post a notice here when the print-on-demand version is available, which should be shortly, and that too will be posted here in the webstore.

Here's the Brief Description (and trust me folks, Dr. de Hart and I crammed a lot of information into this 123pp book, and the last chapter is....well...read it and find out):

Oxford educated authors and researchers, Dr’s Joseph P. Farrell and Scott D. de Hart expose the history behind the End of Times apocalyptic panic and pandemonium; the theological terror; the underlying agenda to divide saints from sinners, darkness from light, and the accompanying geopolitical aim to turn nation against nation. From the classified files of Farrell and de Hart previously marked “Highly Confidential” comes the book that could not be written until now. This timely book is a must read exposé of how the three historic monotheistic religions set the stage for the apocalypse theater. It is a story of the ancient unholy alliance of terrorism, theology, geopolitics.


  1. This book or what i ‘imagine’ this attack on “Yahweh” is like watching a spinning top.

    No one believes in a ‘top” when it sitting still but when it starts to SPIN (circulate) it draws out our fascination.

    I can recall someone (I wont mention any names) a non-believer (a has been carnival-barker who made it to the BIG TIME) in opposition to Yahweh saying “I pluck out HIS hairs, one by one.

    I haven’t read this book yet but FARRELL I got a few hunches that your standing there with a pair of giant tweezers in your hand, ha, ha! (yes, inadvertently RESURRECT YAHWEH by exposing the MATERIALITY of that Symbol?)


    I stumbled onto this while re-reading Baudrilard which might have some SLIGHT analogies to your book? (just a wild guess on my part?)

    Here’s the Paragraph:

    We are fascinated by Ramses as Renaissance Christians were by
    the American Indians, those ( human? ) beings who has never
    known the word of Christ. Thus, at the beginning of coloniza-
    tion, there was a moment of stupor and bewilderment before the
    very possibility of escaping the universal law of the Gospel. There
    were two possible responses: either admit that this Law was not
    universal, or exterminate the Indians to efface the evidence. In
    general, one contented oneself with converting them, or even
    simply discovering them, which would suffice to slowly extermi-
    nate them.


    I’ll thrown in another further paragraph in this Baudrilard essay just for good measure?

    I am thinking American Hubris – Antoine the CANADIAN (?) over in CHINA would probably agree with this following paragraph: (although CANADA is guilty as sin too )

    In the same way, Americans flatter themselves for having
    brought the population of Indians back to pre-Conquest levels.
    One effaces everything and starts over. They even flatter them-
    selves for doing better, for exceeding the original number. This is
    presented as proof of the superiority of civilization: it will pro-
    duce more Indians than they themselves were able to do. ( With
    sinister derision, this overproduction is again a means of destroy-
    ing them: for Indian culture, like all tribal culture, rests on he
    limitation of the group and the refusal of any “unlimited” in-
    crease, as can be seen in Ishi’s case. In this way, their demographic
    “promotion” is just another step toward symbolic extermination. )


    This is the 9th day in the year 2012 —– AND HAVE A NICE DAY every BODY!

  2. Yes, all the blank boxes where mathematical symbols should be make the text seem highly redacted. Can this be fixed or is it a :just live with it” factor?

    1. AH !
      Just as I suspected !
      Computers are alive and
      taking over !

      The Computers don’t want you to know the math !

      Fescinating !

  3. A well chosen Image…St. Stephen I believe with Michaelangelo’s face on the skin flask…I would have taken it deeper, with the Janus Rules theme…I guess even my lowest price does not justify ripping off an Image on the cheap. I supremely love the work you & Scott are doing! I’m with you forever, guys! I’m still and Always on board!
    Onward & Upward~~

    1. Rumor has it that Michelangelo was so self loathing because he was homosexual he put his own battered face on the flayed skin…why is it that so many of our greatest minds are Homo-, Bi-, or Asexual? Tesla–Asexual. Socrates… Leonardo,,,was it that their mind couldn’t take the BS that comes with Woman? Jesus–Mary Magdalen or Thomas?

  4. Just downloaded mine, and will devour it this weekend! Can’t wait.

    Hope it is selling like mad, filling your coffers with much deserved cash.

  5. Judging by your description, this book will be a MONSTER read. Take that word any way you like. 😀
    Time to buy that new ink cartridge!

  6. Dr. Scott D. de Hart

    The book is also set for release VERY VERY soon through print-on-demand. It is in the final moments of the review process and when the authors give the printed version 2 thumbs up, it will be immediately available for orders. We, like many, prefer the readability of paper, the aesthetic feel of a book, etc., and this book was designed for our digital AND paper readers. By the way, sometime ask Dr. Farrell to take a video shot of his note-taking process in books … his notes are the most valuable part of his library. Hint … rulers, multiple colors, etc.

    1. I’m glad to hear it will make print. I will purchase it then. I don’t just leisurely read your and Dr Farrell’s books; I study them. I use different colored markers (to identify for follow up research or re read), and make notes in the tabs as to my initial thoughts or questions for further considerations.

    2. Scott,
      I follow you on his note taking. In fact, when I visited doctor Farrel some years ago, I made precisely the point to examine exactly how he does research and I’ve tried to duplicate this efficient process as best I can. Anyways, I look forward to reading this little gem in which much of the content therein has been years of dialogues with Dr. Farrell for opening doors in my own intellectual work.

      Best to you,
      Daniel Jones

  7. In other words, how to confirm my reading habits for Amazon and partners. Just what I don’t want to do.

  8. Dashiell Cabasa

    As Teddy Roosevelt would doubtless have it…’deee-lighted!’
    I’ve been waiting for these. Thanks guys.

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