1. Yes, Nidster, exactly!

    Democracy, Democracy, Democracy….. Democracy is USELESS!

    My problem with “Democracy” is in the great potential–NO, THE ASSURANCE–of the establishment of what can be termed “The Tyranny of the Majority”, where the Majority is manipulated into a popular position on issues, that perpetuates the power of an an Elite, by a corrupted News Media.

    There are no checks and balances in a Direct Democracy, or in any system where Democracy trumps Liberty:

    That is why America’s founding father chose a REPUBLIC as the model. That is not to say that such a system has any permanent immunity to the very gaming of the system, by the entrenched “Oligarchs” (to borrow Putin’s language, lol), that has left us this bitter legacy we are faced with today in America. However, such a system, as a Republic, is much more resilient to such an attack. Such is evidenced by the need for the Miscreant Bankster Families to invest 137 years (1776 – 1913) to Destroy these United States of America….

    I pray that now is the time, when liberty enhancing catalyst of “The Internet Reformation” (click on first link with the article at: http://bit.ly/kIbBpr (at theDailyBell.com), the coming Economic Collapse of Fiat Currencies, and the likely Collapse of the Federal Government, precipitate an opportunity to restore America to what our Founding Father’s intended rather than this abomination that it has become….

    Government is best, that Governs least…. Remove, and Keep out, anything OTHER THAN THE MOST CRITICAL ESSENTIALS and Liberty is sustained.

  2. It is really naive to believe what people say or write, Mr. Farrell. If Obama wrote an article like this, you’d be laughing at him, but why are you taking Putin’s words seriously? Is it because Putin and his regime are so vocal against the West and their policies? Well, the problem is, it doesn’t matter what people SAY, what matters is what people DO. And what Putin DOES is clear enough. Just ask yourself, why would he sell Russian oil for dollars and then invest those dollars back in the US, as he was doing ever since he took office in 2000? This is not in Russia’s interest for sure! As a result of this, Russia never actually gets paid for its oil and in addition, it essentially imports the US inflation, because the Russian Central bank prints rubles to buy all these dollars. Another thing is, if you were to live in Russia (as I do) and see the effect of Putin’s policies on this country, you’d see a complete DEVASTATION, there’s no other word for it. It doesn’t matter what you see there on the RT channel, it’s all propaganda. The truth is that Putin’s regime is massively corrupt from the very top, and corruption is pervasive throughout the whole society. Putin and his cronies are filthy rich and steal money in plain sight of everybody, and at the same time our pensioners are rummaging in trash to find food to survive. Russian population is declining and has been doing this for more 20 years now. Things are better in Moscow, but outside it, the country is simply dying out. People are drugged, poisoned with alcohol and dumbed down with state-controlled TV. I think Putin’s goal is clear enough: reduce the population to as much is needed to man all these oil wells, the rest he (and his Western puppet-masters) simply don’t need. (Does this sound familiar? Remember Georgia Guidestones?) So it’s all a deception and Putin is actually one of the NWO crowd I’m sure. Don’t be fooled.

      1. It was never my intention to suggest that you are dumb, Mr. Farrell. My intention was to point out to you that you are mistaken in taking Putin’s words seriously, as you seem to do by posting his article here and calling it “interesting”.

        1. You seem to assume that I think Mr. Putin is some sort of innocent, or that I am naive… I think his words are interesting, at one level, simply because they demonstrate so much more literacy than our own politicians… “interesting” doesn’t mean that I think he’s any less duplicitous than any other politician.

    1. AGREED!!
      Putin wants freedom and democracy for his people while stepping up his military to give ample “protection” to the Russian people.

      Perhaps he wants to control FREE speech on the internet to “protect” his countrymen from evil as well. LMAO!!!

      Right. Listen to their rhetoric but OBSERVE their ACTIONS.
      WHEN [not IF… but WHEN] the contradiction appears…. we know who and what we are dealing with.

      Globalists Push Internet Control Freak Treaty at the United Nations
      Kurt Nimmo

  3. It seems to me that Mr Putin wishes to incorporate into Russian Society, the very freedoms our own Democracies are taking away from us lol

      1. Since the word “democracy” literally means ” rule by the mob”, it becomes a simple transitional state to eventual fascism, since we know how easily the mob is manipulated.

        History will eventually look at democracy as one of the biggest failed political experiments of all time.

        1. Oops! I see below that this translation of democracy as “mob rule” has already been thrashed about.

          My apologies 🙂

          1. Still, the greatest delusion that bedevils the people of the United States, is that they think they live in a democracy.

  4. Thanks for posting an interesting article. Did anyone do a word count on the number of times Democracy was used? Not a big reader of Putin so someone help me here, is Democracy the new buzz-word for Putin?

    Democracy, Democracy, Democracy, Democracy, Democracy….Democracy is ‘mob rule’. When the mind control starts the damage begins. A Republic is a much better system, if you can keep it free from the corruption of the Elites and the low-life serpent-class.

    A very long article and yet not one word regarding banks or how to control or manage the supply of money in Russia. Never, ever hand over the nations control of the money supply to the Vultures.

    Lastly, I find myself in agreement with Robert Barricklow’s sentiments and observations.

    1. Dear Nidster,
      dêmos means “people”,
      krátos means “force or power”,
      Thus democracy means “power of the people” or “rule of the people”.
      “Mob rule” is a very loose and bad translation of the Greek original sprouted by Jordan Maxwell amongst others.
      Though I do agree that a Republic is a much better form of government, especially the early republic of the US when the very fine constitution of the United States still had force and was still revered, unlike today.

      1. Thanks, legio. I see we have similar concerns with current events.

        My reason for using the term ”mob rule’ was derisive with regard to the blatant trashing of the
        Constitution by certain people in high places who want to spread democracy, or who taught the
        subject at places designed to eradicate any trace of common sense from its students to be
        replaced with fundamentalist Marxist dogma, or who travel to foreign nations and encourage its
        leadership to exclude the Constitution of the USA from consideration when writing their own
        Constitution. I freely admit to expressing some emotion in my post.

        Have not read any of Jordan Maxwell’s work but my reading may not be as broad as others
        who blog here.

        1. No worries mate the fustration is perfectly understandable, I am sure many here feel the same. Plus I agree with what you have said.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    I would like to believePutin in his quest for justice & equality.
    It is certain that The New World Order believes in Democracy that flows through the barrel of a gun. This is why police forces worldwide are becoming militarized-to crush misguided insurections against in-your-face injustice & inequalty. The New World Order is deploying more & more soldiers, more & more militarized police to bring democracy to the people. In fact, they are instituting a newpolicy for them” to shoot tomaim, rather than kill your misguided youyh

  6. Another 6T in bonds found in Zurich. This time 1B denominations and Russian mafia. More interesting is the Bloomberg article about the Japan FM going to China to start work on bilateral clearing. 6T! dated 1934. If the Russian satellite comments were signaling is this an echo? or is it disinfo to the Asia secret society meme?

  7. Is there going to be a members vid chat tonight? The info may be posted on your Facebbok page, but I’m not on Facebook. Thanks.

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