February 19, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

In Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops I argued that many of the ET-human contactee and abductee stories were being deliberately introduced into the popular culture by what amounts to a breakaway civilization for the purpose of social engineering. I noted there that the work of French scientist and Ufologist Dr. Jacques Vallee has similarly argued such a view.

One of the most persistent memes within contemporary Ufological mythology is the notion that President Eisenhower in 1954 had a secret meeting with extraterrestrials while on a vacation to southern California. I pointed out in The Nazi International that there may be a possible variant on this story, that Eisenhower sometime in that year paid a little -known visit to the hotel constructed by the Nazis in San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina. Or maybe Eisenhower really was getting his tooth fixed. Well, in any case, the alleged Eisenhower meeting with ETs has even caught the attention of the good folks at The Daily Bell:

Eisenhower and the Aliens

Note that the meme being talked about here is very similar to the meme I discussed in yesterday's blog on Nephilim Nonsense, namely, that "they" are "here" and our leaders are in collusion with them, and "they" - be they Nordic ETs or genetically-corrupted Nephilimic neighbors, could be anyone, so, live in fear and paranoia and suspicion, and scour the internet for the latest conspiracy theory. The Daily Bell, to its credit, pinpoints this whole social engineering meme more than adequately:

"The 'aliens among us' meme also provides the elites with a great way of devaluing and controlling the alternative Internet media. By planting dubious "alien" stories within controlled media environments that appear to be alternative media sites (but are not) the powers-that-be can devalue serious exposes.

"Often these 'aliens among us' stories are sprinkled like spice among serious articles regarding the military-industrial complex, central banking and other subjects that warrant study and consideration. Often referred to as "poisoning the well," inserting such stories – articles generally about the paranormal, the Illuminati, etc. – creates an environment where, for many people, every kind of alternative viewpoint is then cast into doubt.

The same logic, I am bold to suggest, applies to those within American fundamentalism promoting their own version of the alien contact-and/or-invasion meme with their stories of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Nephilimic-human hybrid children: the only ones benefitting are the elites comprising what I have called the Anglo-American corporate elite, and what The Daily Bell calls the "Anglosphere." The goal, as always, is to create a vast historical narrative, essentially a mythology, to misdirect people's attention:

"It's all about control, and the way to induce control is to create these vast historical narratives – what we have come to call directed history. In the 20th century, such directed history was from what we can tell amazingly effective. The elites developed their story lines, hired their cronies to play their parts and then wrote the "approved" history in the aftermath."

And stories of alien contact and abduction, or of Nephilimic hybrid offspring, are precisely one such directed history narrative.

IN this respect, it is worth noting an interesting conclusion that The Daily Bell offers for consideration:

"We've been waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop, frankly. We wouldn't put it past the current powers-that-be to organize a large false-flag event featuring aliens. It seems to us that's where they're headed, though perhaps the Internet itself and the ability of people to scrutinize power elite themes has made them more cautious."

I find this to be an extremely intriguing suggestion from a multitude of levels, not the least for what it suggests concerning the Nephilim meme I explored in yesterday's blog. As my co-author Dr Scott de Hart and I discuss in Yahweh The Two-Faced God, the possibility exists for these elites to manipulate the apocalyptic expectations of the Three Great Yahwisms to further their own geopolitical agendas and goals, and one way would be precisely to bring back into the public consciousness the "meme" of genetic corruption, and the need for that corruption to be "exorcized", a perfect meme to fit their own alleged "de-population" goals, and to get the crazed fundamentalist to act to do so.