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Don’t Hesitate on Support

Scenario: you are a paying member of the Giza Community, but can't access the premium materials. Solution: use the support process on the web site to get it resolved. Usual resolution in 24hrs or less, barring national holidays, emergencies, etc. Don't languish without access. If you're up to date and can't get in, open a support ticket, and we'll get it fixed. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Don’t Hesitate on Support”

  1. I can;t sign into the chats but I can see and hear them.

    My problem is that I have forgotten the user name that is required to be different from the main website username.

    Trying to resign up with a different username using the same e-mail address seems not to work.

    Any comments?

  2. Thanks Maxim, I have the exact same problem with the VIDchat function.

    I cannot make access or send comments into the chartroom, which might be a good thing since some of the regulars submit some excellent questions!

    I’Ve been in the vid chats since the beginning, so hello too all , you guys are terrific.

  3. 1) I haven’t been able to access the white paper area.
    2) On the vidchats, I can see and hear the speakers, but I can’t access so as to make comments.

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