Harpischord Preview

For those who missed them, Dr. Farrell's harpsichord concerto music (some of it) is available in the Members Only Section of the web site. In the meantime, for those who like to rock hard, here's a sample.

3 thoughts on “Harpischord Preview”

  1. Sounds like it could be entitled ‘The Well-Torsioned Clavier’, with the vid a peek at the phase-shifted survivors of the Eldridge in their own private Paralleladelphias . . .

  2. I had only the basics in school.
    I wrote lyrics and matched to the way I wanted it sung.
    Then I penned it on music sheets for an agent to contract out.
    I used legal proxy to ‘hide’ behind.
    Whoever bought the use of could embellish in any way they wanted
    except to change my writtyen basics.

    Why (?)
    Aha, that comes later.

  3. Wonderful! First ever composer I hear I actually confused with Bach or one of his sons. First rate stuff from a first rate mind. Please do more!

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