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In what has to be close to the ultimate in corporate hypocrisy, employees at a Monsanto company cafeteria have won the right to have their employee cafeteria serve non-GMO food:

GM foods not served in Monsanto cafeteria

Now what leaped off the page at me here was the Monsanto spokeman's more than hypocritical statement that the company is all about free choice. But just ask the farmers around the world who, by one corporate trick or another of those companies promoting their genetically modified seeds, are forced to buy their products. But this is the tip of an iceberg. Hungary has recently destroyed all its GMO corn fields, and in a landmark case in France, a French farmer has won a lawsuit against the corporate giant in which he claimed to have suffered from exposure to the company's pesticides.

What remains amazing, at least to this author, is that while other countries seem to have the pluck to challenge these corporations and their alleged "safe" GMO foods and crops, we in North America seem to be unable to do so. We, apparently, do not have the right to eat unmodified food, and indeed, our own government will not even allow the labeling of food products to distinguish between natural and GMO foods, while it continues to persecute growers of natural foods and organic dairy products free of hormones and other additives.

It is, however, small wonder that people in other parts of the world are waking up to the growing encroachments of the barbaric and out-of-control US corporate-industrial-military complex. They are, quite literally, making people sick. Things won't change, however, until GMO foods and the people's right to eat and consume what they choose, including organic foods, are made part of the public political debate. It may therefore be the time, as Congressman Ron Paul increasingly calls for an audit and end of the Federal Reserve, to subject the food and drug counterpart, the FDA, to similar Libertarian philosophy and scrutiny, because you can rest assured that those elites who are storing seeds in seed vaults in Norway and other places, are not storing the GMO seeds they make the rest of us eat.


  1. Monsanto’s “offspring”, Rich’s Foods, one of the largest multinational food corporations, and major contributor AGAINST Prop 37 in California, are guilty of using HFCS/GMOs in their foods sold to in-store bakery/delis and restaurants WORLDWIDE! It’s “business as usual” for this corporation to knowingly taint the food supply to make a buck, and donating huge bucks to campaign against Prop 37 because they don’t want anyone to know, or question, what is in our food!!! Rich’s Foods puts high fructose corn syrup a.k.a. “corn sugar” in their foods, even their breads which are in nearly every big supermarket bakery chain globally! They profess to be a philanthropic, “green” company with family values and a priority on health, but how can they be?

    If you are tired of companies like Rich’s profiting from using toxic ingredients and compromising your health, please sign this petition and help spread the word!

  2. It doesn’t matter if this story is from 1999! Being from ’99 doesn’t make it “old news” considering how few people are even aware of what a GMO is, let alone the dangers that lie therein! I for one, am glad to be able to share this story and let people know that not even Monsanto employees will eat GMOs! The one who pointed out that this is an “old story” is forgetting when it comes to GMOs, there isn’t any such thing as an old story because it’s an ongoing corporate domination of our global food supply and people still need to WAKE UP!!! Isn’t it time we stop letting our food supply be corporately controlled? Monsanto has been creating these aberrations for decades, so does that mean we should think of it as “old news” and let it go, or does it mean we keep exposing them before they poison us all? Who actually thinks it’s ok to let a toxic chemical company control our food anyway?!!! “Agent Orange” is NOT my idea of appetizing, know what I’m saying?

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Looks like those employees in the sausage factory have acquired tastes outside-the(genetically enegineered)-box.

  4. This is old news, people.. it’s a re-hashing of a 1999 story.. Joseph, I love ya, mate, but a touch of research is usually called for before reposting things you read on the ‘net, ya know..

    1. I am writing three books simultaneously, plus trying to keep up a daily blog, plus do white papers for the members’ area, plus videos, constant talk show interviews, etc. I do my BEST, but I do make mistakes.

      1. No harm, no foul.

        Now that I think about it, 1999 was a very busy year for me. So, thanks a bunch Dr. Farrell for posting this on the blog because I did not know about this story.

  5. The significance of this issue cannot be overstated.
    If you are not free to choose what you eat — or even know what you are eating — how free are you, America?

    1. There is a lot of insight here !

      Why (?) is this ‘funny ?’

      Why (?) are ‘people’ applauding ?


      There is A LOT of insight here !!!!

      What are they [the PEOPLE, the AUDIENCE] HEARING ?
      [ACTUALLY ????]
      What is Carlin saying ?

      No match, set, game !!!
      NO MATCH AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!! [??????????????]

  6. Another interesting note from my own research: Even with the latest seed preservation technolgies many of those seeds will only remain viable for 8-15 years max. So if something is going to happen that they know about or plan it will happen between 2012-2016 at the latest by my esitimates.

    1. in the movie Robin Hood, it was the french cook the killed Richard the Lionheart.

      a lucky shot to the throat.

  7. This has been the gvernment by the rich for the rich since it’s inception. This just a new way to thin out their excess slave population one way or another. They must know something about GMO foods that they won’t even eat them or feed them to their workers scondrels.

  8. You can sign a petition to have a GMO food labeling put on the California ballot this November:

    There are petition tables at Mother’s Markets, Whole Foods, Sprouts and local farmer’s markets;
    find your local one at the above website.

    Thanks for posting this article, Joseph.
    This is an outrage.

  9. It’ll never happen until the american public wakes up to the simple fact that the fiction they call government is their main enemy and that those who infest it and who utilize it at the expense of everyone else are nothing but a criminal, parasitic class fronting for and owned by the nwo gang.

    1. Roads, the internet, sewer and water in many towns and cities: All government. Try objecting to specific policies and the kind of hidden deals Monsanto and its ilk make with the government.

      1. You don’t need government to provide those. Do you really believe that no one would find ways to build privatized roads and sanitation facilities? You think people sit around waiting for government to do everything for them if govt wasn’t forced on them? Just look back on history and see people found ways to provide all those things via market forces and not through the use of govt force.
        And without govt, you wouldn’t have one place to go to impose unwanted products on the population.
        What next Jay? Gonna tell me how we couldn’t do without the FDA protecting us from raw milk and saying that neurotoxins are healthy food additives? Come on. You’re too smart to argue nonsense.

        1. Vinnie, it’s fifteen thousand hours of Prussian-Dewey indoctrination. They literally cannot imagine a world where no group has a monopoly on violence. It took me a good five years of constant hammering on NAP to finally accept the rational and spiritual obvious moral truth of it.

        2. V-

          Private interests already failed to all of those things. Railroads too.

          Failed for phone line service outside of cities and towns too. Now failing for cell phone service and speedy internet service.

          Also as has been pointed out the US Army funded the standardization of machine parts in the later 19th century–it took something like forty years. No private enterprise is going to do that. And every day you benefit from this government project–more than 100 years later.

          You really need to think more. You sound like those who think they can and should control the entirety of their world.

          1. Jay,
            Too bad UL got there first or we’d be at the tender mercy of the ever changing standards of the bureaucrats telling us what electrical products we could trust.
            Bet you just love the service you get from the USPS and you local DMV too. What on earth would we do without them?
            Again Jay, you’re way too smart to be defending the indefensible. Why do you persist, or are you just pulling our legs?

  10. The FDA is NOT a government entity any more than the
    government itself and the ‘name’ of the ‘game’ is GENOCIDE
    starting with US(A)

    You’ll find the same Moneyed (people?) Controlling Elite
    criss crossing each throughout the last decades.

    Is this insane ?
    You all know my answer toTHAT by now !

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