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February 18, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

There's a movement out there among the wacky crowd of American "fundamentalist evangelicalism" that holds that the Nephilim - you know, those B'nai Elohim or "sons of the Gods" that according to Genesis 6 came down from heaven and sired a hybrid offspring of giants with human women - are back, and that they're abducting human women once again, and siring more hybrid offspring.

That's not all. Some of these "ministers" actually have 'ministries" wherein they "counsel" and "exorcize" these women who have, according to one version of the story, been brought up by families that practiced Satanic Ritual Abuse(SRA) leading to the victim's current states of Multiple Personality Disorder, which, of course, is a manifestation of their demonic possession. Moreover - so this meme runs - each of these multiple personalities may themselves be "possessed," requiring the all-knowing bible preachers to have to conduct exorcism sessions over each such "personality."

And as if that were not enough, according to one such practitioner and his "ministry," these women all turn out to be - surprise surprise - members of European royal bloodline families, the Hapsburgs leading the list(and incidentally, in the nuttiest version of this meme, such Nephilimic activity was being conducted by members of the house of Rothschild in conjunction with infamous Nazi doctor of death, Josef Mengele). How do they know this? Why, these "lost memories" are recovered in counseling and exorcism sessions, of course.

Dr. Scott de Hart and I, as we were writing Yahweh, The Two-Faced God, discussed, as we often had over the years, how the murderous behavior of Yahweh was often justified within that community by appeals to a "higher morality", and even by appeals to the notion that Yahweh was having the Hebrews slaughter various populations because of their "corrupted bloodlines and gene pools." Don't believe me? Then check this out:

NEPHILIM HYBRIDS To Be or Not To Be - That is The Question?

Note these paragraphs from this "article":

"Also, this would help to explain why a God of love would command Yehoshua and his armies to go into certain cities to slay every man, woman, child and animal in those cities. The only good reason would be that there were Nephilim there and that the fallen angels had corrupted the genetic pools of all of the persons in those cities. There is also new evidence appearing that shows that the Cities of The Plain, like Sodom and Gomorrah had ties with Nephilim populations. Notice how the population of Sodom turned down Lot's offer of his maiden daughters and demanded to have sexual relations with Yahweh's holy angels; many scholars thinking that one of those angels was actually a preincarnate theophany of Yeshua himself. They knew that Lot's visitors were angels and they knew what resulted in the union between human females and angels; and they knew it to be a perversion; the Cities of The Plain were highly into perversion.

"Let's face it, placing Nephilim after the flood explains many of Yahweh's actions that without this notion make Yahweh out to be a wicked and cruel taskmaster with a thirst for blood; but placing the Nephilim into the mix causes one to realize that Yahweh did what he did to do away with a corrupted genetic bloodline; one that was again half angelic and half human, namely Nephilim."

What disturbs me here, and it ought to disturb anyone, is that there was - as far as I recall - no real mention of these "corrupted genetics" in the biblical texts themselves, and even if one were to argue such a case, how would one prove this, without the use of genome sequencers? Well... like the Albigensian crusade, better just to go in and slaughter them all, and let Yahweh himself sort out who was who, right?

So enter the modern American fundamentalist with the "Nephilim meme" and all these wild tales of Satanic Ritual Abuse and hybridized children... it strikes me that, with such scrambled moral logic operating in their minds, with, of course, heady appeals to "the original Hebrew" courtesy of their Strong's Concordances, that it will not be long before someone in these circles, has a "word of revelation" and murders someone whom they suspect is a corrupted, less-than-human offspring of the dreaded Nephilim. Where have we heard this "logic" of corrupted bloodlines and inferior genetics before? Oh yea...the Nazis. Seriously, folks, the Yahwist moral schizophrenia is alive and well in American fundamentalism, and so is that seed of "logic" that can lead to slaughter in the name of God.

As for these "ministers of the Gospel" and their exorcism-counseling-therapy sessions, one has to wonder just how much of what they are "uncovering" is not really the result of their own twisted agendas, of transference, and of some pretty fancy neurolinguistic programming. In short, one wonders, as with the case of the recovered memories of the UFO/ET abductee, just how many of these memories are being induced by their would-be "healers."