February 6, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Remember yesterday's blog about the mapping of areas of the brain where "sacred" or "core" beliefs were stored? In it, I raised the speculative possibilities that this presents for a technology of psychological and social engineering. Well, as a follow-up, we have this interesting piece, submitted to me by Mr. V.T., from The Winnepeg Free Press:

Ethics of 'neuro-weaponry' hard to wrap your brain around

Now consider the implications and meanings of some of those statements in the article:

"'We are approaching a time when brain science will be critical to our national security," confirmed James Forsythe of Sandia National Laboratories."

"According to James Giordano of Georgetown University and the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, and colleague Rachel Warzman at Georgetown University, the battlefields of the future will be shaped by advances in neuroscience focused for military purposes."

Implication and Meaning: The USA's national defense and black projects establishment is already studying the problem, and developing new technologies for the political elites.

"Such an arsenal could include "drugs, microbiological agents and toxins from nature," explained Jonathan Moreno at the University of Pennsylvania.

"In addition to the use of "brain-machine interfaces," the hormone oxytocin could be used to make prisoners more co-operative in divulging sensitive military information. Other substances would make soldiers forget atrocities they might have committed.

"According to Forsythe and Giordano, adversarial elements could include: "nanoparticles engineered to affect specific brain processes," "super soldiers created through pharmaceuticals and/or brain stimulation" and "brain imaging for interrogation-lie detection" as well as the use of "intelligent machines.'"

Implication and Meaning: Specific technologies are already being developed. Note here the statement "Other substances would make soldiers forget atrocities they might have committed." Why make such a statement unless one was planning the technological elimination of "core" or "sacred" areas of the brain inhibiting such behavior? Or imagine an equally, if not more unsavory alternative: imagine using such technologies to imprint the morally contradictory character of Yahwism directly on those areas of the brain, so to speak, to engineer a person's belief that in committing such acts, he was being obedient to God? We have seen the effects of just a religious program of such indoctrination, imagine it being reinforced by such a "neurological arsenal"!

"Other possibilities being considered by military strategists include an aerosolized shellfish neurotoxin fatal to humans in a few minutes, hallucination-causing bacteria and organisms that access and destroy human brains by crawling up the olfactory nerves.

"Such technologies would have been unimaginable not so long ago, but the U.S. Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency has been focusing on the military applications of brain science, Moreno confirmed."

Implications and Meanings: There it is, but in case you missed it, what is really being said here is that DARPA is involved in projects deliberately desgiend to serve a transhumnanist and alchemical agenda. And that, of course, Dr de Hart and I talk about in our forthcoming book on the subject. The point here is that society is being neurologically engineered and militarized.

See you on the flip side.