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February 11, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Ok.... in what can only be the latest example of the sort of cheesy, loony, insane paternalistic nonsense , the sort of blithering globaloney one has come to expect from the  political correctness and multicultural bilge water of a David Rockefailure, Evelyn de Rottenchild, or their lap poodles Henry Kissassinger, Zbgnw Brzznsk, here's the latest:

Lost In Translation: Keep "Father" & "Son" in the Bible

Yes, you read that right. Wycliffe bible translators, in an effort not to confuse or offend Muslims, are literally distorting the translation of the biblical text. Now. while my co-author on Yahweh the Two-Faced (Dr Scott de Hart) and I have made our reservations regarding Yahwist traditions abundantly clear, we nowhere advocating changing the texts to remove the "offensive material". And really, who does Wycliffe think it's kidding here?

Muslims are neither illiterate, dumb, nor stupid, and they've known ever since Mohammed (and rejected) Christian teachings on the Trinity, after all, their own Koran makes explicit references to that doctrine, and these terms. So, in the name for further not offending or confusing - let us say - Hindus, would Wycliffe kindly translate both the Bible and the Koran and remove all offensive references to images, false gods, and so on? Again, Hindus are neither illterate, dumb, nor stupid, and know full well what the texts of the Koran or Bible really say.

Wycliffe is fooling no one, least of all, the Muslims.

But there is a deeper issue here, and that is our textual and literary heritage in the Western world, and yes, I regard both the Bible and the Koran as a part of that cultural and literary heritage, and thus, not to be tampered with in the name of some kooky political or cultural agenda to remove "confusion" or "be inoffensive." This is just a ploy to gain control over texts - any text - and alter what it says, in short, to control ideas and their free flow and criticism from the individual. Might as well remove all such references from Goethe, Schiller, Dante, Dickens, Wilde, get the idea.

Wycliffe, SIL, Frontiers: you're being stupid and offensive, both to the intelligence of the Muslim,  to your own spiritual patrimony, and to the wider heritage of Western culture. You should be ashamed of yourselves.  Quit parading this silliness.