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February 2, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

The recent assasination of a young Iranian scientist, allegedly involved in that nation's nuclear program, has been only the tip of a nasty iceberg. The Daily Telegraph in the UK - or as my friends and I from my Oxford days used to call it, The Daily Torygraph - has run an interesting article compiling list of names of dead or missing Iranian scientists since 2007:

Iran nuclear scientist dead: mysterious recent deaths and disappearances

According to the Telegraph article, a total of five Iranian scientists are dead as the result of deliberate murder. In a previous blog, I raised the speculative possibility, contrary to the prevailing speculation that these murders were the result of Israeli or US operations, that they might equally be covert operations of Iran's erstwhile allies, who also would have long-term geopolitical reasons not to wish to see a nuclear Islamic government in the region, notwithstanding their strong trade ties with that nation.

After the appearance of that little blog, an interesting thing occurred, as Israeli defense and intelligence officials or former officials made it clear that to mount such sustained operations would require a large on the ground presence of supporting operatives - the number 30 was mentioned - per operation, something these sources made clear Israel does not have.

Which led to the astonishing admission by one Israeli general that they suspected this was an internal network of dissident Iranians, seeking not only to topple the regime but to insure that regime does not acquire a nuclear weapons capability, making it much more difficult to topple.

For my two cents' worth, this is a plausible scenario, given the scale and extent of the Iranian uprisings and the West's failure to capitalize on them months ago. If this does represent an internal network, however, we may rest assured that the intelligence agencies of the west will waste no time making connection with it for the purposes of logistical support and funding.