February 5, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

My friend George Ann Hughes of the Byte Show sent me the following interesting article about the most recent discoveries of neurophysiology:

Some things ARE sacred: Scientists find beliefs that we won't 'sell out' are kept in a different part of the brain Read more:

What intrigues me here are the possibilities such a discovery offers to the elite. Consider the following statements from the article:

"The Emory University researchers used magnetic resonance scanners to monitor brain activity while they offered people money to turn against previous statements they had made about their beliefs.

"Unsurprisingly, people were happy to accept sums up to $100 to turn their backs on statements such as 'I am a tea drinker.'

"But more political statements such as 'I support gay marriage' aroused a different reaction.

"People could - and did - opt out of the auction process for 'selling out' beliefs."

The idea that such areas of the brain can be mapped with magnetic resonance imaging to my mind opens up the possibility, suggested by mind control researchers, and indeed, by myself in various books (See my Babylon's Banksters, and Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men) that electromagnetic means of behavior modification were indeed covertly perfected by the CIA and other agencies working in black projects. Mapping such areas of the brain might conceivably enable such technologies to target specific areas of the brain for specific behavior modification.

This would afford the elites yet another powerful tool for the alchemical and transhumanist transformation of man; it would be the ultimate tool in the psychotronic warchest enabling the psychological engineering of society, sort of like Dr. Jose Delgado or Zbgnw Brzznsk's technetronic society on steroids. And if you think the elite weren't paying attention to this little development, think again, for the article informs us that:

The results were published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.

You remember the Royal Society...yea, those guys way back when that were Masons and alchemists that founded a kind of scientific club? the ones who recently suppressed scientific concerns about the effects of genetically modified food(see William F. Engdahl, Seeds of Destruction and Marie-Monique Robin,  The World According to Monsanto). The ability to alter beliefs that individuals hold sacred, namely the field of ethical or moral action, would bring us one step closer to the Manchurian Candidate.
Of course, all of this is wild speculation. But the problem is, if I can think of it, and you can think of it, then that means some madman in DARPA or Chase Manhattan (or both), has already thought of it.