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February 17, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

The corrupt banana republic-with-nukes that America has become has seen voter fraud before. One need only think back to the 1960 presidential election between Vice President Nixon and Massachusetts Senator John Kennedy, where voting fraud in Democratic Mayor of Chicago Richard Daley's Cook County helped win him the election. Nixon, not wanting to promote a constitutional crisis, decided not to challenge the results.

Then in the 1980's we were treated to a new form, an updated computerized form of voting fraud popularized in the book Votescam by brothers Keven and Ken Collier, who wondered how in the name of sense the major news agencies then could "call" elections for one or another candidate before the polls even closed and the votes were actually counted. Their investigations took them through a maze of destroyed paper ballots, and computerized voting machines that could easily be, and according to them, were, hacked.Their investigations took them, of course, to the then New Hampshire Governor, John Sununu (later a member of G.,H.W. Bush's administration), and to the now notorious Diebold company.

We can, and thanks to the internet, easily do entertain notions of wicked computer voting companies in league with television networks pushing buttons and adding, or subtracting, votes to this or that candidate. Could such things happen? Sure. Do they? Probably.

But it may not even have to be so convoluted or involved. Consider this one, as you watch the Dummycrook in the White House and the Republithugs on the campaign stump, slinging mud at each other in the political play-acting that presidential selections have become:

Voter Fraud Is a Piece of Cake

That's right, the time -tested Lyndon Johnson-esque tactic of having dead people vote is alive and New Hampshire... funny isn't it, how that same state entered into the election prospects of George H.W. Bush, via some dubious circumstances related by the Colliers in their book. Now, it's yet another Republithug establishment insider who may have been the beneficiary of some dubious votes.