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February 21, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

My friend George Ann Hughes of The Byte Show forwarded me this disturbing article:

Shining light on Baptist clergy sex abuse

We have all, of course, heard by now of the rampant sexual abuse of children within the Roman Catholic Church, and of the attempts by some of its clergy to exercise influence to cover it up, with allegations of this attempted cover-up going all the way up to the Vatican itself. Indeed, the late Fr. Malachi Martin wrote of this practice in conjunction with ritual abuse and a hidden network of co-opted clergy practicing it in his last book, the novel Windswept House. For those able to read between the lines of Fr. Martin's novel, it, like his other great fictionalized account of ecclesiastical politics, Vatican, pulls the veil back on a church riddled with factions, networks, infiltrators, and pederasts.

Now it seems there are rumors of similar widespread scandals within the various denominations of the Baptist religion. What one wonders is, where is the outrage of the media here? The Catholic Church, rightly, has been the focus of mainstream media attention and outrage for the scandals that have rocked it for the past two decades, but where's the outraged mainstream national media coverage of similar scandals in other churches? To my knowledge, there has been very little. Of course, every now and then, we are treated to stories of famous evangelical preachers being given the "outrage" treatment, but we are not led to believe that it is a widespread problem, but the occasional moral"hiccup".

But this website belies the idea that such abuse is "occasional", but rather, is more widespread than might be suspected. And that raises a significant question: Just why is such abuse so widespread within not just the Catholic Church, but by implication, within so many churches? Why, every few years or so, are we told about stories of child-sex rings: the Franklin Scandal, the recent Penn State allegations, and on and on?

My suspicion - and it is only a suspicion - is that we're looking at a network, an organized deeply hidden phenomenon, that appears to surface every now and then as an "isolated" incident, when the truth may be otherwise. Earlier this week I blogged about Nephilim Nonsense, and it occurred to me that, what better way to cast suspicion over the possible existence of a real network, than to "poison the well" with ridiculous stories of Satanic ritual abuse and "Nephilimic mothers"? The movie Taken with Liam Neeson plays to a similar theme of networks of child and teenaged abduction and forced prostitution, and more recently, the actor Corey Feldman has courageously stepped forward to talk about similar networks within the Hollywood community. It's a theme that, in spite of attempts to render it ridiculous, won't go away. The question is: does such a network exist? And more importantly, where's the outrage?