Why the World Should NOT Emulate American Education (But China and ...

February 12, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Rarely have I run across an article on American education that hits so close to home as this one. This one almost perfectly describes my own reaction to it, upon finishing my master's degree, and why I fled to England to get away from the somersaulting boredom and insipidity of the typical American classroom, even at the graduate level, to pursue my Ph.D in an institution where one read for a degree, rather than majoring in a "subject", where one was expected to have a broad, inter-disciplinary knowledge and approach to questions and actual academic disciplines, rather than the nauseating dumbed down claptrap of schools of "education" and teacher certification, and able to think freely and clearly about them, and not parrot answers on a computerized, standardized .

America has a secret weapon in its arsenal of cultural kookery, and it's one I'm all for exporting to our putative "enemies" like China and Russia (no folks, I don't really believe that the Russians or Chinese are really our enemies, only that our elites tell us they are), and it's a weapon I wouldn't wish on our good friends (to paraphrase the Tom Lehrer song, our old friends like France and our really good friends like Germany and Japan [except for those minor misunderstandings called World Wars One and Two]).ย  I will say no more here, other than to refer you to the following article, replete with the cute slogans of doctors of edubabble (trust me I know, I have one in my extended famdamnly):

No Wonder Johnny (Still) Canโ€™t Read

Having experienced myself firsthand the quackery of teacher education certification for a full two excrutiatingly insane days before the goofiness got to me, I can attest that what Larry Sand is talking about in his article is not only true but far worse than he actually states. America isn't suffering a brain drain, it has no more brains left, they having been lobotomized by the Doctors of Edubabble, or, conversely, gone to work for the in-the-box-thinking elites of the Rockefailures or Rottenchilds. Someday I hope to write a book about all this claptrap.

In the meantime, folks, if you can, send your kids to Russian or Chinese or Indian universities if you want them to learn science or mathematics or biology or history or literature or philosophy, because they won't learn them here... it will in the long run be far more cost effective than the multicultural codswallop and educational "theory and pedagogy" of America's crumbling schools and doctors of edubabble. And the next time you talk to someone with Ed.D behind their name, thank them for doing such a wonderful job of teaching America's kids. The bottom line really is this: whether we like it or not, whether some of those Ed.D's are genuinely concerned with the problem, or even have any viable solutions, their "discipline" is fraudulent, and part of the problem. We need to get away from certification, and back to the idea we inherited from Europe, that only scholars within the disciplines can and should be allowed to teach the subjects which need to be taught. In short, the people promoting these educational fads, top to bottom, college to kindergarten, need to be fired. Nothing less will fix the system, because they are the ones responsible for it. If you wonder why Americans are so stupid, just ask an M.Ed. or Ed.D....he won't have the answer, but it will be abundantly clear in your "conversation" with him, why it is that our schools are failing.