Here's another great video on the bankster shenanigans from Max Keiser, courtesy of Russian TV. I particularly like his remark calling British and American society right now a kakocracy. Enjoy:

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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. marcos anthony toledo on March 20, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    May I give you a example of how bad the economy is it has been years since I have bought peaunt butter and jellly or jam for a sandwich too expensive. It costs a arm and a leg to buy them even butter is the same thanks for bringing this show to our attention

    • romanmel on March 20, 2012 at 10:46 pm

      My wfe and I just discussed the price of peanut butter today. We noticed the current Kroger ad had their brand, regulaar price of $2.29 on sale for $1.99. However, we purchased the same item, and
      same size about a year ago on sale for 99 cents. Yet the Fed says inflation is only 2-3% per year. Of course food and energy costs are not “core” and thus not included. In other words, food and energy that people buy daily don’t count. How convenient!

      • paul degagne on March 21, 2012 at 3:35 am

        I suggest all of you start reading about the diets of not only the third world but the former Eastern Block Countries. it wouldn’t hurt to read a little about East London in Charles Dicken’s day.

        Pink-Slime-Meat or the entrals and other material (Mystery-Meat, what.?) they sweep up off the floor may just be be protein but do you want to eat it? I know about a hundred thousand people on this planet would most certainly want it and very much need it. (in Haiti they eat mud-pies, yes – you heard me right — to ward off the hunger pangs just like some old Alaskan gold hunters with leather belts full of teeth marks as in Jack London’s day. Once upon a time (before the crack-generation ) pregnant women in the ghettos in the US use to eat “corn starch” as a suppliment to ward off their hunger or cravings.

        So the next time you leave those “green peas or for me those slimy lima beans in white source gravy” —- remember — people are starving all over the world.” Ha, ha — Remember that form of GUILT TRIPPING.

        Seriously, we are well off but in other areas American Life Stinks! We may have mountains of food on our dinner plates but don’t have the least bit of a sense of SOLIDARITY or COMMUNITY> I live in a place called “Little Village which is a Mexican Village in Chicago. It’s like living in the 1950’s where people (even if they have air-conditioning) still sit on their front porches and walk up and down the street talking to each other. And talk about ‘little kids!” In my neighborhood you can sometimes see TWO ice cream trucks operating on the same block at the same time. One day they were even playing a christmas song –“SILENT NIGHT’ over the loudspeaker of one of these goody-trucks in the middle of July!

        Me and my wife had a good laugh when we first heard these STRANGE SOUNDS coming down the street! (And it’s even better than hearing the faint (thank heavens) Police and Fire Sirens in the distant background all day long!)

        Talk about CULTURAL FUSION!


        I would like to add one more thing to this peanut butter and jelly list. If your old enough and was lazy enough like I was by loafing on the grass in the park while others busted their a$$e$ working in some sweatshop for PEANUTS then you ate === Baloney at timesand also Sardines.

        Today —– the kids or unemployed youth got it better in some ways. got All they have to do is go down to the local soup kitchen just like they did (do) in Russia.

        I think there aren’t many better ways of CONTROLLING people than with FOOD. That famous Russian Writer Mister D may have got it wrong and the Grand Inquisitor may be right Jesus wrong —- they want food rather than LA liberty. (one reason I am not a libertarian is because WHO CAN FIGHT FOR THEIR LIBERTY when their half-starved. They just don’t have the STRENGTH TO?

        Don”t kid yourself — The well-intentioned Libertarians are being DUPED the same way WE ALL ARE!

        Do you think the Government is dishing out FOOD STAMPS out of the kindness of its heart. Without food stamps their would big even bigger lines of men with their families than there were during the sic Great Depression. Now think — What POLITICIAN wants a TV Add showing her/him and then a picture of a food line! Really think about that one.

        One more last story that is lasting in my mind because it shows how schizophrenic out Good Society is? I once long ago stood in some mission line in the City of SANTA BARBARA waiting for a lousy bowl of lintel di-a-rear soup and to my sudden awareness just across the street through the huge store windows were ROYALS ROYCE for sale!

        Welcome to Vincent Price’s Macarbe Carnival!

        • SSNaga on March 21, 2012 at 8:06 am

          Haha. A peanut-butter inspired recapitulation of food & despair! I used to live on south side Chicago & remember peddling ice-cream (actually “peddling”) thru the neighborhoods! (My uncle got rich doing it with tucks, trading profits for curios.) … I also remember a bum (& gf) from the Santa Barbara mission asking if I needed help when my car needed some work (off the main st). Going for a part, he asked to stop, ran to a dumpster & got a banana box full of lettuce n such. Sitting in the back seat, he asked, “want some?” I took them to mcdonalds. Beautiful little town… filled with self-important mon-key monsters. … Freedom Fighters – “Will Fight For Food.” Sure… & a Drink. (the cops would roust the homeless in their tent cities: “G’wan!” Sgt. John Armstrong… perfect name, not kidding!) Of course, resistence to “the Order” is called “terrorism” by The Terrorists (Big Everthing). Moo? Baah…

          • paul degagne on March 21, 2012 at 9:50 am


            It’s good to hear you traveled on some of the same Cruise Liners or at least stopped in a few of the same Ports.

            Yeah Santa Barbara is fine! I get tempted (if I had the cash of course I don’t ) to spend a few semesters ‘tangling with the so-called Masters of Mythological Cognition over at Pacifica College just south of SB. The place from the folders look like a ‘students retirement home’ just like over in Boulder, Colorado!

            But even if I had an Alladin’s Lamp and could rub money into existence I still wouldn’t go for more than a few days scoping it out.

            There is a day and night difference between an AESTHETIC COGNITION of MYTHS and an EXPERIMENTAL OR EXPERIENCING ORDER OF MYTHICAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

            Over there at Pacifica College people would or could probably answer ALL my INTELLECTUAL questions PERFECTLY! I’ll give them credit for that? Would they have one idea of what I am really yacking about?PROBABLY NOT ( their all mon-keys as you put it – that aint very nice and once in a while one of these monkeys might save your overconfident mask-ass one of these days?)

            Most aesthetics — I am overgeneralizing but ask me if I give a dam! The object is always ‘over there’ and if it is too strange or ‘other’ IT BETTER STAY OVER THERE!!!!!! ( I just reread this. I am beginning to copy some of your style —help! Where’s the nearest witch doctor or shaman? ha, ha!)

            I love some of the meanings of the Serenity Prayer but when was the last time anyone you heard ‘stress” COURAGE?” Not the insane or crazy kind of courage a brand new commissioned 2cd luey out of West Point would have —charging up a hill with his men under enemy fire — that just gets a lot of people DEAD! (I heard some of them ended up with a bullet in their backs?)

            I mean a kind of TOLERANCE OF TRUE FEAR/COURAGE. Remember I mentioned how screwy it is to talk about certain kinds of Subjectivisms! (idiot/salvant mon-key business?)

            I am wandering off your straight and narrow path. I’ll get back right now with what I was going to post to your response but then added a tail trailer or a small carivan to it.

            This was the only thing I wanted to post but you know (I may not have an Alladin’s Lamp but the Carpet I am sitting on is a bit flighty at times —ha, ha!)

            It comes from a book called ” In Europe ” by an author/journalist called Geert Mak. (a swell kind of historical travel book). Underneath the Title are the words “Travels through the Twentieth Century.” it’s a quote from somebody else I am sure you would recognize.

            Here Goes:

            “A man sets out to chart the world. Through his years, he peoples
            a space with images of provinces, kingdoms, mountains, bays, ships, islands, fishes, rooms, tools, stars, horses and people. Shortly before his death he discovers that the patient labyrinth of lines traces the images of his own face.”

            Jorge Luis Borges

          • paul degagne on March 21, 2012 at 9:53 am

            Yeah — I see the illegals walking for miles with their little refrigerators. I don’t hear their pockets jingling but they must have some mighty power set of legs. Something that would hold then in steath if they ever had to go on one of those forsaken ‘DEATH MARCHES!”

          • paul degagne on March 22, 2012 at 3:32 am

            You know Naga — I thought of these words over the night-time:

            “A peanut-butter inspired recapitulation of food and despair!”

            Not Bad!


            I was glad at least someone recognizes ‘despair’ in this so-called WONDERLAND called Consumer-Land? Everybody claims to be so together. Cool! With it! Follow the Crowd!

            OPEN YOUR EYES! TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THE FACES YOU SEE ON THE STREET! (even the Prozaic faces?)

            I bet there not much difference between those faces you meet and the faces of Germans in 1932 or 1945 for that matter?

            Did you ever see such MASS ANXIETY in your entire life!

            And guess what Naga ! Your Face looks the same to me as well.

            MIRRORS DON’T LIE!

            Shame is not what people think it is neither is DESPAIR.

            DESPAIR is clarity of mind!

            Even by reading the articles Farrell posts up there —- do you think he is one “happy camper?” If you do then your reading him incorrectly and if your not then he’s a plastic phoney but I don’t think so. Farrell does seem or appear to have ethical concerns. He’s just like the rest of us mortals — trying to tweak his weakness! (vulnerability if you want to be nice about it?)

            He can set a good example but would follow him to the end of the world. (maybe NAPOLEON I would, many did —still when they found him crying or bawling his eyes out in his woman’s lap? Kind of lowers the troops morale wouldn’t you say to discover Good Old Nap isn’t a God?)

            “Sartre got it right in his ‘NO-Exit” book! (even though he was a big drunk and pill freak himself — ask his tag-along companion (girlfriend?) Simone on the sidelines. Sartre survived the fighting with the French Resistance Movement but I am sure FAME would have done him him if it was for that woman!

            So if a great figure such as Sartre and many others like him can end up in the ‘Pits” or the abyss then think what chance do NAGAS or even PAUL DE GAGNES have in this dog-eating/shit-eaters world we, as Ebonics would say, “WE BE IN?”

            So from your mountain-top which is really an ant-hill be sure your seeing correctly. ( I think you are for those words or sentence indicates a sense of humor? You – on your ant-hill can SEE now and then but do you KNOW. And if you can know do you ACT.

            Nah, we’re all BYSTANDERS in this post-modern world. ( We can ACT but what effect does it have on this HUGE WORLD we live in. At least I live in it and not in this phoney Cyberspace where one is so clever they don’t even know they have toes? (how dumb or schizophrenic is that?)

            The despair is really a Pitchfork on our behinds reminding us we can be better people. (i should be thanking the pitchfork user but I am weak at times just like whale shit on the bottom of the ocean but then those peaks of ecstasy come around in ‘moments’ which make it all worth-while so I say, THANK YOU, YOU DEVIL FOR KICKING ME UPSTAIRS!)

            What do you think a “Alchemical Transformation Is?”

            Some PAGE ON A BOOK.

            This is YOUR LIFE your dealing with.

            So ON YOU MARCH, GET SET — Hup two three for….

            Ha, ha!

            That’s the inspiration peanut Zippy Peanut butter gives me. (your a riot of laughs naga!)

          • paul degagne on March 22, 2012 at 3:43 am

            Since I am reading Agamben’s difficult book “State of Exception” I will make some allowances for you Naga.

            You just reminded me with your HIGH(NAGA-INSPIRED)HOPES you could be just like Frank Sinatra’s ANT —-

            You know as like in that song —


            Have a bouncy day today – this day TODAY!

          • paul degagne on March 22, 2012 at 4:40 am


            They didn’t have tent-cities then or when I was as you hinted “BUMMING” ( I much prefer the term Slumming in my imaginary Aristo-cat Neo-neitszche delusions of grandor! Although I never had VD!)

            Your talking about a much later Santa Barbara.

            They did have a HOVERVILLE in front of San Francisco’s City HALL GIANT SQUARE. It lasted for two years —- UDDERLY AMAZING what those Bureaucrats put up with in that head-trip city! They of course eventually tore it down! BUT when I visited the place after graduation (for about six wks but got bored)—-

            They did have this sign in the Square that looked a little like the One-Way signs one sees while driving a car.

            I never will ‘forget’ the reaction realizing the certain ATTITUDES the Establishment holds about some human beings.

            The sign READ >

            (I shit you not!)


            Wow! I gather the food-not-bombs crowd gave somebody a HARD TIME? ( for a group that started out like some christian willy-nilly organization they grew a pair of cajollies and became a swell bunch of Anarchists. Good luck to them but I don’t think they will be standing in front of a ROPE like the Russian DOSTOWSKI or however you spell his name DID?

            Knowing California as well as I do they will probably go back to Daddy’s Swiming Pool to rest up and recuperate and forget the whole nightmare ever happened! Ha, ha!

            I can hear one of them say, ” What? There’s a new movie out called the ‘Matrix.” Lets go see it tonight!

            The only trouble with that is in the misinterpretation of this movie!

            Those zombies living in vats and getting the energy was sucked out of them And were quickly disposed of – shoved down that tube (drain or toilet-like mechanism) Remember that scene?.

            Well guess what folks. The vats are our real bodies — you know all these gm FOODS, POISONS WE INBIBE AND INHALE etc.

            So in a way the story was true. The vats were only a representation or a SYMBOL as JUNG would call it if he hung around.

            In Africa — Westerner’s bodies decompose a little slower in the Jungles than Natives Bodies> You know why —-its because we LOADED or filled up to the GILLS with ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES!

            Maybe Farrell is lucky enough in South Dakota to where he doesn’t maybe have to spend an arm and a leg to EAT REAL FOOD (local inexpensive resources) NOt what we have to because of our limited food budgets.

            Some people in rural areas are really catching on to an updated/adjusted more ‘realistic” version of ANARCHO-PRIMITIVISM!

            I once went into this famous ‘lefty’ BOOKSTORE in Cambridge, Mass and asked the clerk ‘ Do you have any books on Anarcho-Primitivism?”

            He WINCED his eyes. Dumb is as Dumb does!

            Cambridge isn’t Eugene or even from what I heard Portland, Oregon. (and to think that’s the Birthplace of the BLAINE SOCIETY)

            MAYBE great endings can arise from small and nasty beginnings?

            I am beginning to sound a bit Optimistic. I better go see one of those ROCKERFELLER INSPIRED DOCTORS AND GET FIXED UP RIGHT AWAY!

          • SSNaga on March 22, 2012 at 6:24 am

            “That’s why in the Mystery Teachings the ape is the symbol of air. It represents a Mind Pattern containing within it the patterns evolved by Soul-Knowledge through the Planes of Imbalance until they were ready to be blended into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Through the Illumination this brought, Soul-Knowledge remembered its own divine nature and ascended or returned to the Noumenal World from the Phenomenal. Since the Astral Plane is also known as the Soul-Plane, the ape was also used to symbolize man on the Astral Plane before descending intio human physical expression on Earth.” … “‘So we ourselves are the symbolic monkeys we descended from,’ he exclaimed with a laugh. ‘But do you see what all this indicates? The Universal Christ(os) is actually THE MISSING LINK between man and his Soul-Knowledge ancestor, the real ape!'” … “It is. That’s why when we fell from the Plane of Balance all the patterns we needed to express were waiting for us. Through our natural interest in them we attracted first the astral ideal reflections and then the earthly processes that would give us the harmonious microcosmic proportions reflecting, diagramatically as we saw, the entire macrocosm.” (Eloise Franco) … … Self-Importance deludes that self into seeing “superiority,” when it is just a mon-key in expression without The KEY. That Key provides the “difference,” which is the Alchemical Produce of Creation, called Cosmic Consciousness. The mon-key then “dies” (move to the next Rung), and “the Succulence thereof” Provides “the More.” Mon-key “man” see themselves as “things” – they are not – they are Universal Process… which Achieves Denouement (despite themselves). Remember, the mon-key thinks it s “conscious” – it is Not, merely Semi-Conscious. Thus, what you “see” is “what you get” from these carnivorous killing tribe-members. Even the pacifist ones. It’s called “asleep,” thinking one is awake. (Banana is the #1 fruit in the usa.) When I say ‘mon-key,’ it can’t be an “insult” – Truth Is.

          • paul degagne on March 22, 2012 at 6:47 am


            Very good mention of the ape as just a symbol. Clears up the air. There are some very good Gnosticism Ideas still floating about. Especially the one about spirits tempted and mating with the beautiful sic women on Earth only to find out their trapped in material existence or a a sic “body.” (only men could think that whopper up?)

            This makes sense to me but then the scientific-like or sounding idea of Morphogenetic Field Theories, Or, are we contained in a Body or is the Body contained in some electrical force field and when the energy expels itself and its time to go the body immediately loses what held it together and decomposes in an atomic instant?

            All this makes sense or appeals to a certain part of me but I wouldn’t take these ideas home to Mother. She probably wouldn’t like me DATED, wrong word DATING THEM.

            By the way, Does anyone have a FIG — I am kinda hungry and would like to munch on something with substance. These OASIS(ES) are fine to visit but like New York City I don’t think I would like to live there?

  2. Tor on March 20, 2012 at 10:56 am

    Yup, killer yogurt throwers. I’m sure they will probably implement background checks, and a two week waiting period before you can buy yogurt now. “You’ll pry my yogurt from my cold dead fingers”…And…”I’m not gonna take it anymore!” Take that you evil demons!!! I think though, if we just pray for these evil Babylon Banksters, they will eventually just give up and quit trying to murder us all. Isn’t that what you say? Oh yeah, and you claim that they actually are not trying to murder us. Not really sure what this “Depopulation” talk is all about, or why they outsource all your jobs, and destroy countries, ruin economies, start wars, herd people into the military to go die in those wars, bomb the hell out of everything under the sun, raise your taxes on money you don’t have, so they can start more wars and kill more people, and if you survive it, and your fortunate enough not to be homeless, jobless, and living in a tent, you will be soon. But okay…I’m certainly glad to know that they don’t want to kill most of us off. I must tell you though, that this whole “pray that they have a change of heart” thing is just not going to work. I got a sneaky suspicion that they ARE trying to kill us, and they are going to keep right on doing it!

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