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March 25, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, this time folks, it requires few words from me. Watch this one, about the research of Jorge Camarasa, and the possible post-war research of Nazi doctor of death, Josef Mengele, it's almost 45 minutes long folks, but worth consideration:

Nazi Mystery: Twins from Brazil

Whatever one makes of this story, I for one find it plausible. But plausible or not, it is intriguing to me to see that the idea of a post-war Nazi research program is now entering the major media. And that, folks, implies that the idea of a post-war Nazi International is gaining some traction. As the video states, "divining truth from myth becomes much harder."

Camarasa's case is, of course, circumstantial. Mengele's obsession with twins, and the unusually statistically anomalous birth rate of twins in this Brazilian village. Did Mengele have the motive, means, and opportunity? Means and opportunity implies financing and an organizational structure to carry out the research. In my opinion, certainly the organizational structure and means existed (one need only think of the well-equipped clinic at the infamous post-war Nazi compound of Cologna Dignidad near Paral, Chile). One may also point out the vast funds that existed in Argentina alone, in joint accounts held by Martin Bormann and Juan Peron, of some $800,000,000.

Is it possible? One thing not mentioned by Jorge Camarasa's research is the mysterious disappearance on numerous occasions of the famous American physician, Dr. Alton Ochsner of New Orleans. As I detail in my book LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy, Ochsner was a German-American from Kimball, South Dakota, and later became a leading cancer researcher and constant presence in the American Cancer Society. Juan Peron was among his patients. But as I also observed there, Ochsner was alleged by some in South America to have participated in medical research...with Nazis. Could one of them actually have been Mengele? Well, I think it is possible.  But it is conclusive? Not at present, but it is interesting that the dots are being connected. Interestingly, the show itself states that rumors abound that Mengele did secret research for the did Alton Ochsner... But of course, it is all scientifically impossible, as the show states...

See you on the flip side.