March 28, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Normally I do not comment on videos, but this one was sent to me by Mr. V.T., and since many of you have written to me privately to ask me what I think of crop circles, I couldn't resist commenting on this one. It's in Spanish, but there are English subtitles, and it's only about ten minutes long:

Now it strikes me as extremely odd that "ET" would seek to communicate by such a bizarre method, especially if his message is that he(that is, ET), is actually one of the Annunaki-Mesopotamian gods, in this case Ea-Enki, returning... While I won't go into details here on why I think this, I do not believe crop circles are hoaxes, but neither do I believe them to be of any supernatural, or extraterrestrial, nature or origin.  I think they are products of a technology, a human one.

Now, that said, I want to stress that I am accepting the analysis presented in the video for the sake of argument. Not having seen the argumentation behind the analysis in the video, I have no idea if what it asserts is true or not, but again, for the sake of argument, I assume it to be so.  That leads me to ask this question: Assuming (1) the analysis here to be true, and (2) assuming that the circles are the product of a human technology, why would anyone be going to such lengths to encode a bit of the Mesopotamian pantheon in the form of Ea-Enki, who, as the video correctly points out, is credited with creating the human race by mixing a pre-existent hominid with the "annunaki" gods? Other crop circles have similarly embodied mathematical messages, including Mandelbrot fractals, and in the famous Barbury circle case, a proposition of Euclidean geometry not hitherto known, and as well, a kind of "hyper-dimensional squishing" into two dimensions of a 4-d polytopes. So in a certain sense, that mathematical messages should be encoded in these two circles is not surprising, and seems to conform to a pattern.

My hypothesis - and again, I am simply stating, not arguing, here - is that these circles represent not only products, but tests of a human technology, and that, as is often the case, this technology is being coupled with a psychological warfare or social engineering operation to implant, or reinforce, the ET-Annunaki meme of humanity being engineered. To what purpose? To direct attention away from inquiry into what sort of technology produced the circles, but also, I suspect, to reinforce, in a very subtle fashion, that human beings are someone else's property. The elites, in short, are playing with their toys, to reinforce the meme.

See you on the flip side.