6 thoughts on “GOTTA LOVE THIS GUY”

  1. Don’t ya just love Max Keiser?

    He drips…nay oozes cynicism.

    Not a bad thing, IMO. I am a cynic in the ancient time honored tradition. My cynicism makes life not so deplorable. I prefer the title “happy cynic”…I know we’re all going to hell in a handbasket, I just want to have a little fun observing it, along the way.

    If you care to worship with me at the Cynic’s Sanctuary, you may join me here:


  2. This seems to be the NWO Max Keiser joins Greg Plastle another USA expate that has to go oversea’s to report the real news now I will have to go RT to find out the real world news.

  3. When one is fed a bland porrage or oatmeal day in and day out —each and every morning then the instant one is served a bowl of lets say ordinary sweetened froasty cornflakes we have this first impression or tendency to say:


    Just like TONY THE TIGER!

    Just another product on the market and in a few months we will be saying: —
    Isn’t Pink Slim Meat Terrific!

    So much for us JADED ONES.


    Now if they added a few natural wild berries and a couple of strange looking mushrooms into the cornflakes I might say the same but for one time only!

  4. I do love this guy. This guy’s show with Stacey Herbert is the most informative thing I watch on TV all day. When you want to know what’s happening in the world, you follow the money, right? And Keiser shows how it’s done.

    I discovered RT not long ago after my cable service (free from my apartment complex) changed, and MSNBC was no longer included. One day I was looking in the upper channels, and there between knives and Jesus was RT. They aren’t perfect — they suffer from the same problems covering Russian interests as American news channels have covering American interests. However, they give voice to American shows like Max Keiser , Alyona, and The Big Picture, that American networks would never touch.

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