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March 14, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Ireland, according to the Daily Bell, is making noises about holding a referendum on its continued presence in the EU:

Internet Reformation Rolls On? ... Now Ireland Vote Seen as Threat to EU

For this author, the paragraph that jumped out was the following:

"No matter what happens with the Irish vote, we'd argue that the amount of push-back the Eurocrats are currently experiencing is well beyond what they expected when they first anticipated that an economic crisis would allow them to tighten their control over these fractious nation-states."

I tend to agree, for I have been arguing for some time that there seem to be ever widening cracks in the careful edifice that the globalists and technocrats have attempted to shackle everyone with.

But that is not what concerns me here.  When we speak of the Anglo-Amerikan elite, or of the Anglosphere, we're talking about a sick, twisted group of looters and plunderers, an international criminal class, that would have everyone else pay for their own malfeasance and culpability in floating bad loans to begin with. The fault, they have argued in the past, is not us for making the loans, but the borrower for living beyond their means. We are, in other words, dealing with true blievers, pursuing a goal with all the extremism of religious zealots.

And that means that they will try and do anything to achieve their goal, from stuffing virtual ballot boxes to achieve favorable outcomes to their agendas, to creating crises - external threats - to European security that would compel or force an integrated union when all other methods fail. That in part, I believe, explains why we see such a cranking up of war preparations and rhetoric against Iran.

The problem is, as The Daily Bell points out, the Irish - as I know all too well, being partly Irish myself - are about more than drinking at pubs and scribbling in notebooks (which we've been doing for a long time, ever since Duns Scotus Eriugena - look him up!) and writing incomprehensible Joycean novels or sumptuous Wildean prose. And what holds true for the Irish, holds true for the Greeks, and as we shall eventually see, the Italians, the Spanish, the Portuguese... What the true believers in these elites just don't seem to get, is that people will tolerate only so much for so long.

See you on the flip side...