March 23, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

If you've been following the story of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and genetically modified crops, or the ongoing saga of Monsanto Corporation's attempt to introduce its products, there's a new study out that may interest you:

Bt Toxin Kills Human Kidney Cells

"A new study shows that low doses of Bt biopesticide CryA1b as well as the glyphosate herbicide, Roundup, kill human kidney cells. The Bt biopesticide conferring insect resistance and the glyphosate tolerance trait tied to the use of glyphosate herbicides account for almost all the GM crops grown worldwide. Bt crops already constitute 39 % of globally cultivated genetically modified (GM) crops, yet this is the first study that provides evidence on the toxicity of Bt protein in human cells.

"This work comes at a time when the French environment and agricultural ministers are seeking an EU-wide ban of Monsanto’s MON810 Bt corn variety that is already outlawed in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Greece, and Luxembourg. The EU commission approved this crop in 2009, concluding that it “is as safe as its conventional counterpart with respect to potential effects on human and animal health”. In response to their publication the research team raised questions about the safety assessment procedure stating that their findings were a “surprising outcome and this risk was somehow overlooked” in past assessments of such crops. [1]."

What strikes me here is not so much the confirmation of what has long been suspected - namely, that these products are indeed harmful to humans - but rather, the political aspect of the story. It seems that the governments of France, Germany, Hungary, Greece, and Luxembourg are already banning GMOs with the Bt toxin - read Monsanto'Roundup - and thus, have a modicum of concern for the public good of their people, while at the EU level itself, the corporate cronyism is evident.

More importantly, however, the fact remains that in the USA, the agribusiness giants have been successful in running roughshod not only over farmer who reject their crops, but have been in a revolving door relationships with the FDA and the US Department of Agriculture, with neither the government nor the corporations showing the slightest concern for the public good as they continue to poison people with their "products." The system, in short, as everyone here knows, is corrupt, and no longer has any concern for the people. We live in a corrupt oligarchy, a banana republic, government of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations.

See you on the flip side.