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  1. Robert Barricklow

    Dr. Tarpley has been referring to the many simularities, between a period leading right up to WW1, and the one we are now experiencing. The elites are once again engineering castastrophe for a humanity, that is beginning to breath a little fire on those demigodic elitist feet.

    The State the elites are wanting to move forward to is a Feudalistic State.

    The Muslim Brotherhood, El Qaeda, and the likely ones being germinated today, are all all creatures of the elite’s CIA, MI6, and other alpha and/or numeric intelligencve elixirs.

    The biblical seeds sown long, long, ago – are now being harvested for a unprecedended demonic whirlwind, brought to you by elitist sponsors, following their hollowed traditions of bringing humanity to its knees in wars, famines & pestulance(to name a few).

  2. People should really be keeping track of this themselves.
    What you need to be seeing
    is on the lower left-hand side of the page.

    Check it out.
    There is another more private site I’ll try to link up when I recheck it the address.

  3. The idea that a high density war could break the back of the three Yahweh religions, so as to replace them with a Global secular corporate state, is of great interest.

    The question is which faction will be left with the last round in the chamber?

    What about the radical elements in Hinduism and Buddhism?

    1. http://www.thehindu.com/news/international/article2950886.ece

      As the battle over a Russian translation of Bhagavad Gita continues, Russian scholars came out strongly in support of the book and condemned attempts to ban it as extremist literature. Over 60 Russian scholars gathered in the Siberian city of Tomsk for a conference on Bhagavad Gita. It adopted a resolution that voiced alarm over a court trial against the book “Bhagavad Gita As It Is” and stressed “the enduring historic value” of the ancient Indian scripture.

      A court in Tomsk in December rejected a local prosecutor’s petition seeking a ban on “Bhagavad Gita As It Is” on the grounds that it incited “social hatred” and “violence against non-believers”. However, the Tomsk prosecutor has appealed against the verdict and the court is to hear his appeal on March 6. In a new petition the prosecutor is demanding a ban only on the Russian translation of comments in the book “Bhagavad Gita As It Is”, not the canonical text itself.

      Russian scholars welcomed the Tomsk court verdict and said the prosecutor’s appeal was groundless because religious texts cannot be tried for extremism. They accused experts who prepared testimony against Bhagavad Gita of incompetence and bias and called for establishing an independent body of scholars and experts in religion, philosophy and social sciences, who would prepare objective and competent reviews of various texts. The scholars warned of “grave consequences the continuation of the trial may have for our friendly relations with India.”

  4. A few things stand out here: The location of the 2010 conference in Chicago given the recurring theme of Obama being a closet muslim and even admitting it in an interview I saw.

    More importantly, I wonder if part of the setup is that Sharia has very strict rules on the function of banking; including the prohibition on usery. I have to wonder if part of the drill here is to speak about Israel and liberating it when perhaps the bigger energy from the elite will come from opposing the liberating of the global banking system from interest and fractional lending…

  5. I’m pleased to see you looking a bit better, Joseph.

    Have you considered that your sinus problem may
    be a late start to allergies ?
    This is also a growing health problem and not much
    to be done about it because of the ongoing and
    ever worsening air pollution.

    At any rate, what I see from several hundred years
    of European and Eastern history is that ‘fundamentalism’ of any
    religion is a recent problem for pofit stirred and spurred
    onward by total greed to make war for profit and
    population control.

    Islam was not so fanatically male dominant over others when
    the Muslim population spread out from Turkey.
    That’s fairly recent and I think obviously suggestive behavior.
    Certainly Christianity has not been spared.

    More wars and ‘crusades’ in which the dying don’t know
    for whom and what for (?)

  6. Who’s funding this and why is it being held in Austria of all places?
    Yes. Pure theater.

  7. Excellent analysis Dr Farrell, I totally concur.
    Please, the west wants moderate Islamic States, what absolute BS. The power elites want as many fundamentalist states as they can get so that they can have their nice little crusade. Not for any religious reason but simply so that they can cloak what they really want to do. Its a smokescreen to get peoples attention focused on a “good old war” so that they can run rampant in doing what they really want to do. And if a few million people die as a result then so much the better.

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