Babylon's Bankers


There's been a rash of bankster resignations lately, as the following links amply demonstrate:

Links to Bankster Resignations

Now, this raises all sorts of questions and possibilities. Yesterday I blogged about the fake bonds that seem to keep popping up, bonds denominated in billion dollar increments, summing to trillions of dollars, and all allegedly from the US Federal Reserve and all allegedly backed by gold, leading to the conclusion that there is a hidden mechanism of finance out there for a market in such falsified securities to exist in the first place. Now, in the wake of the financial meltdowns we've been watching for the past few years, we do know of the existence of a public tier of what amounts to falsified securities, namely, the derivatives and credit default swaps that led to the whole bubble in the first place.

Now let's recall a significant fact about those "bundles" of credit default swaps: the whole structure was made possible by the Gaussian copula formula of Chinese mathematician Dr. David Li, as I detailed in the preface to my book Babylon's Banksters. And yesterday I pointed out that the Chinese would be one party that had knowledge of the vast sums of gold that were looted from that country during World War Two by the Japanese, under a plan headed by a member of the Japanese imperial family, gold which was subsequently buried by General Yamashita in the Philippines. Dr. Li, at the time he formulated his equation, was working for the Candian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

So what the credit default bundles represented was a vast tier of mega finance, exactly as was implied by the fake bearer bonds seized in Spain and Italy, and the more well-known Japanese Bearer Bond seizure a few years ago.ย  So the inevitable question occurs: are the recent seizures of the fake bonds in Spain and Italy related to this latest round of bankster resignations? My guess, and it is only a guess, is yes. My reasoning is somewhat byzantine, but hinges upon the idea that even if the recent seizures are indeed fake securities, they nonetheless represent a market for such things, implying that there may indeed be genuine versions of such securities floating around out there. IN other words, whoever is responsible for the faked securities may be sending messages to the western financial elite, and that message may be, in part, blackmail...

....see you on the flip side.


  1. Joseph;

    Here’s an interesting “tib-bit” if true, According to Italian daily newspaper โ€œLiberoโ€, Pope Benedict XVI is thinking about leaving the papacy next April, when he will turn 85.

    I think this story ties in nicely with the resent “Banktsers” resignations. Now I have no idea if this a legitimate story but I was wondering if you have come across this story?

    Here’s the link to where I found it

  2. in “regurgs” of anon’s involement

    yes we are apart of something larger, and yet soo small

    we are controlled by many, and yet by one

    4d chess is our game

    were the piecs are mere sparks;

    (oh and fyi the home of anon is not safe anymore)
    would riddle this but cbf; certin statements cause threads to die.
    may you find were the cancer lies.
    oh and fightclub

  3. You might want to check out David Wilcock at

    He has done an amazing job of explaining what is going on concerning the bonds and banker resignations in his Financial Tyranny investigations. It explains a lot of things not being reported.

  4. Now we have the Japanese looting during WW2 to deal with. Could they have combine their loot with the Nazi loot and could the Axis powers including Italian Fascist still be operating by pooling all three war booty combined one wonders.

  5. Charlie Primero

    Interesting thesis Dr. Farrell. Perhaps the reason Elites disparage and the use of gold by we cattle is that gold is in fact what they really use for commerce. Same with dirty water, carbon dioxide restriction, spirit-numbing pharmaceuticals, and state surveillance; good for cattle, not required for Elites.

  6. I was just listening to the lecture by Wilcock to go
    with his book, “The Source Field.”
    As goes the book, so goes the lecture, of course.

    It ‘s all fascinating and even true……….
    then at the very end, and why the end of the book
    was also a letdown……….in come the space aliens !!!

    All this is to prepare us for the “gods to return.”
    I would like to transmute all these guys heads
    together, coming so close and then TOTALLY
    spacing out…………WAAAAAY OUT THERE !

    Everyone is catching on, catching on, and then………..
    bring on the gods and/or the aliens….. ๐Ÿ™

    Because all these gods, whether multiple or singular,
    that we have been waiting for………….ARE US !!!!

    So frustrating !!!!!!!!!!!! I need a vacation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Well, his descriptions are pretty much on target,
      his archaeology study is quite adequite,
      but his lack of hard science, especially physics
      and its many relations,
      puts his conclusions in the Mariania Trench.
      “stormy/stormy” [5 & 6 as of this writing]
      and we haven’t even got hit, yet !

      My “vacation” is turning out to be sick leave……….. ๐Ÿ™
      good thing I knew that ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. It’s funny how ‘smart’ people can be the hardest to reach
        because of the very firm mental paradigms glogging
        their noggin.

        It has been pointed out to me that those with perhaps
        average intelligence and not too full of knowledge or
        experience, are almost like blank slates or those following
        some kind of lead to nowhere, are actually easier to

        Further, that seems to hold true for the most mundane
        to the most profound.

        It sure is a strange world after all !

  7. Robert Barricklow

    Self-deception evolves in the service of deception, the better to fool others. At times it benefits deception by saving on cognitive load during the act. The brain can act more effectively when it is unaware of the on going contradistion. The deciever and decieved are trapped in a coevoltionary struggle that continually improves on both sides. In fact, it is ironic that dishonesty has often been the file against which intellectual tools for truth have been sharpened.
    The conscious mind is more of an observer after the fact, while behavoir itself is usually unconsciously initiated. The more social a discipline, the more its development is retarded by self-deception.
    Deception always takes the lead in life, while detection of decption plays catch-up.

    This bond deception is working off a playbook.
    How old it is, and where we are we in it in time?

    And, perhaps more important, can we stop it.

    1. “Matter is a kind of Blindness.” “Matter” is Polarity, Preceded & Interpenetrated by Duality. These Two Fields/Realms, the Playground called Creation, are for the “Education” of the Soul/$Oil-self. Huemanity has been Intentfully $idetracked from $elf-Investigation of the Underlaying Law$ of Truth (Non-Relative, Non-Temporal, NonZer0), the Creational Processes. $ = $erpent On The Cross/Bar (Rod) – The Cross-Bar Spike of Creation, Dual AXes. It Simply Penetrates ItSelf in/as ImPersonal Process. Everything FeedBack Loops until, eventually, Process is UnderStood, EmBodied (accepted), and DisSolved as Completed Personal Process. The Multitudes would remain in self-$tasis without the Predator Presence, which Drives the Herds of Ignorant & Innocent Forward (Hued-manity, who would choose to play & ‘graze’ “peacefully” if left to its own choices: which is contrary to CreationAll Law Process). Slay a “bankster,” another will appear in its place… sooner or later (these times, ‘sooner’). All Creations Are Deceptions of(as) Necessity, as Illusion Fields/Realms: Maya (mother of “en-Lie-10-ed” Buddha). Creation is A Gaming-Story that Reveals Prime Process (Infolded, Unfolded; WithIn-WithOut). One Must Educate the self, not be bamboozled by the Deception. “Seek Ye FIRST The KingDom of Heaven (Principle), And All Else Shall Be Added Unto You (Understanding Of).” Studying the Dead Horse (Corpse) is the Deception (Inclusive of the personal deceiver). Deposit your Riches Accordingly. (And, No, it cannot be “stopped” – Everything Moves In Creation Continually: “Peace” is Illusion, waiting to Pounce Again (Involution) As the FeedBack Loop.) TRINITY. 3 + 1. “You Are The ”
      ‘Help’ From On-High.”

        1. Synchroncity/Serendipity Always “Plays 3rd Base.” Its where the “Home Run” comes in From.

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