March 4, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

There's been a rash of bankster resignations lately, as the following links amply demonstrate:

Links to Bankster Resignations

Now, this raises all sorts of questions and possibilities. Yesterday I blogged about the fake bonds that seem to keep popping up, bonds denominated in billion dollar increments, summing to trillions of dollars, and all allegedly from the US Federal Reserve and all allegedly backed by gold, leading to the conclusion that there is a hidden mechanism of finance out there for a market in such falsified securities to exist in the first place. Now, in the wake of the financial meltdowns we've been watching for the past few years, we do know of the existence of a public tier of what amounts to falsified securities, namely, the derivatives and credit default swaps that led to the whole bubble in the first place.

Now let's recall a significant fact about those "bundles" of credit default swaps: the whole structure was made possible by the Gaussian copula formula of Chinese mathematician Dr. David Li, as I detailed in the preface to my book Babylon's Banksters. And yesterday I pointed out that the Chinese would be one party that had knowledge of the vast sums of gold that were looted from that country during World War Two by the Japanese, under a plan headed by a member of the Japanese imperial family, gold which was subsequently buried by General Yamashita in the Philippines. Dr. Li, at the time he formulated his equation, was working for the Candian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

So what the credit default bundles represented was a vast tier of mega finance, exactly as was implied by the fake bearer bonds seized in Spain and Italy, and the more well-known Japanese Bearer Bond seizure a few years ago.Β  So the inevitable question occurs: are the recent seizures of the fake bonds in Spain and Italy related to this latest round of bankster resignations? My guess, and it is only a guess, is yes. My reasoning is somewhat byzantine, but hinges upon the idea that even if the recent seizures are indeed fake securities, they nonetheless represent a market for such things, implying that there may indeed be genuine versions of such securities floating around out there. IN other words, whoever is responsible for the faked securities may be sending messages to the western financial elite, and that message may be, in part, blackmail...

....see you on the flip side.